11 September 2011

all around this town

Palee-uh-oh..... vs
Dead Bug Pull-Overs

See alot of these around -
I could use some Koko Taylor

Calling all Blondes - 
Follow that truck!
(Hydrogen Peroxide)

I just don't get this guy - yet...

Coolest Name Evah

Coolest Graffiti Evah

Fell down and did this -
The ledge was only an half-inch tall!
Wrapped it up in ice - stuck it in the air...
(My ankle - not the ledge)

Got better - well enough to go on a walk to the
Coolest Playground Evah!

Hope your weekend was wonderful
And your week is staying strong!


  1. bacon wrapped is the only way I'd ever eat another bug

    did i mention i bought two packages of bacon today?

  2. Keep the bug, heal the wound, graffiti if you must. Enjoy!

  3. you know, I am a conservative...and I swear...I really like anderson. Good guy. Very cool, very funny. Cool bug.

  4. Dang. I hate it when I am clumsy, too. Hope the ankle heals quick!

  5. It WAS!
    It was made out of a kind of material
    almost like little leggo blocks... like a mesh!
    It was huge, too!
    You could hop-scotch through the states!

  6. Those hop-scotch squares are too adorable.

  7. what state are you standing on? :)

  8. Texas - of course, ~Oct!
    Maybe a little more in the Gulf of Mexico!
    We're just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from each other!

  9. Sorry about the ankle hope it's mended up now, sounds like me, I can fall over a pebble lol.


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