21 September 2011


Dear Blogging Peeps

Sitting at home with the running doz (nose)

The stuffy head, and aches and pains in the joints.
Well, stay out of the joints!
Thank you very much - I'll be here all week!

This time, no Hot Toddie. 
No nothing. Just a couple of Advil.
Finally able to keep some broth down.
Maybe some coffee and a Monster.

Two days like this - maybe it's Strep Throat...
Although I'm a wee bit too old for that...
I haven't felt this sick since I was 17!
Caught something from my last patient, maybe!

Nurses make the worst patients, ya know.

Still deeply concerned about health and fitness
and diets and whatnot - I've been dreaming about it all...
Many of those feverish dreams - trippin daisies.....

This is the second time I went back to Induction and 
caught the "real" flu... what good timing... I think....
Can't eat anyways - so I guess I'll count it as a True Transition.

Yours Truly,
Anne The Nurse

My Raspy Voice Video - aka -
What I do all day when I am sick...


  1. Feel better soon Anne The Nurse. Hugs!

  2. I wonder if induction (the switch in eating) has an effect on the immune system making one more prone to come down with something. Hm.

    Baby, take care. I want you to feel great and be up and singing 'n' dancing once again!

    Antiseptic hugs,

  3. Awwwwwwe. :( Take care of yourself and get better soon.

  4. I didn't see the picture you drew before...my screen is really wide and my zoom is really high, so I have to scroll to the right to see your entire post.

  5. Awwwww you are a sickie!!
    Hope you feel a lot better soon.

  6. Feel better soon, Anne. You are in my thoughts.

  7. Ahh Anne da Nurse, get bettar quick!!!

  8. Feel better...Hope your sniffles go away quick!

    Have you seen the new movie Contagion?? Top notch. Scary.

  9. Love the flowers...

    Feel better soon, Nursy!!

  10. Awww, you are such a sweet lady even when sick. Get better very, very quickly! *hugs*

  11. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Me too. Blech. Hope we're both on the mend soon!


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