10 September 2011

brisket day

Simplest and best meal ever!
Get a brisket - pot roast - whatever you like!
This is pot roast - about $4 a pound. 
This one is about a pound and a half.
Brown it in a skillet if you prefer.

Add red wine - onions - garlic - any seasoning you like.
Add some broth, or just water if you prefer!

Into the Grok Pot it goes!
Cook on "high" till it simmers a little...
Cover and cook  - on "low" till it falls apart -
And/or you can't stand to wait another minute!

Simple - easy - fast - never fails!
(Well, if you totally went on vacation and left it cooking -
yes - it might not turn out so well.)

You can do this with chicken or pork -
Just use white wine - or broth - or just water!
Might take 4 to 6 hours... I cook it 8 - 10 hours!

During the massive 2 month-long heat wave 
here in Texas - I have been enjoying alot of
chicken and tuna salads... some deli meats - 
Things that don't need alot of heat to make.
Getting the SlowCooker out is nice, for a change!

In other news -

This little 90 year old lady beat me arm-wrestling
Not once - but twice! 
She asked if I were "joshing her!"
Could I really be that puny?
Yes - I am that puny! For now!

This moose-head, and squirrely guy were enjoying the sun...

My Bigg Butt tore up the Sealy mattress... 
So I got another - this is a Bed In A Box....
So far - it's like a Tempurdedic  - but not so $$...
Labor Day Sale... Memory foam.
Neighbors sneak in to my apartment 
and crawl into the bed - to test it out!
Hopeful when I am not in it.

My beef jerky exploits continue as well...
It's quite fun to try new things - 
When ya get to eat the mistakes!
I am working on a new batch even as we speak.

Hope your weekend is great!
Any plans? Kinda subdued around here, too.
Stay Strong! It's all good!


  1. My hubby dragged home a corned beef... so I'm dragging out the Grok pot, and adding cabbage and turnips to it. A little more "chemically" than I prefer. But whaddayagonna do?? Next time, I'll go and bag a beef brisket. ;-)

  2. OK, it's going to be near 100 today but I'm craving pot roast, dang it! May have to drag out my Grok pot (haha, love that name) and make one.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy that new mattress!

  3. That roast looks great. I'm starving now but there is no roast in the house. Plus, we are leaving tomorrow. When we get home though, I'm hitting Kroger for a nice chuck roast. I love my slow cooker.

  4. I love brisket!!
    Hey send me your address because I've got 2 packets of cure and spices for beef jerky :)

  5. Love the Grok pot!

    Busy times here today, gym, grocery shopping and then two separate festivals need to be attended.


    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hey, used the chipotle Mrs. Dash in my eggs the other morning. Thanks again!

  7. Smart of you not to put all of your eggs in one brisket...

  8. I cook roasts etc like that in my crock pot too.. always comes out fantastic.
    How on earth can a teeny tiny little old lady beat you at arm wrestling??? Mores the point, WHY were you arm wrestling her in the first place!

  9. She begged me - wanted to show why she did not need
    a mean old nurse like me to take care of her! Yikes!


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