29 September 2011

what's in *your* cart?

A healthy day starts with a good breakfast, right?
Can it get much better than this?
Would Dr OZ approve of this?
Smile with tongue

Add a little of this to the coffee - 
It's fat free - so that's better for you, no?
And look - it's gluten free!
That gluten is bad for you, right? 
The musta taken all the gluten outta this - to make it better!

Happy chickens, "all natural" -
Maybe just clucking around on a farm somewhere...
Eat less red meat, right?
And turkey bacon! Maybe some soy burgers?
Veggie dog!
Sick smile

This stuff still count as a veggie?
Sure it does!
"Guess What My Bottle Is Made Of?"
Make that - "Guess What My BUTT Is Made Of!"

This is WAY better for ya!
It says "light" right on the package.
"Go to the Light!" (indeed)

Why yes, we do!
(Or DO we?)
6 servings a day. Minimum. Grains.
More is better. And a serving is like 3 slices, right?
Maybe they mean eat as much as you want,
six times a day! 
Vampire bat

Thank goodness! 
Half the fat! At least someone is looking after us!
And this stuff is so much cheaper than the other stuff, too!

Anti- oxidants... Isn't that what Dr Oz talks about?
And this - it says "smart" right on the package!

The only way to get kids to eat the stuff.
Add a ton of candy to it, ya know?
Excuse me, sir, where's the True Moo? (sic) (sick)

Adds color to the diet!
Adds color to other things, too!
*IF you know what I mean - AND I think you do!*
Be right back

And of course this isn't "fattening!"
It says right here - 
No sugar added AND Low Fat!
And you know me - I gotta have my dessert!
I'll cut back on somethings....but come on!
I gotta feed my sweet-tooth!
Winking smile

Hey this looks good - no wait... never mind....
My Bad!
Dog face

Some of the junk they advocate
in the Standard American Diet
is just NOT good for you at all!
Can't even call it "food" at all!
Don't be fooled by so-called experts!
Even the Face Book experts! *wink*
Just kidding

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Still coming in ? Want to meet Dr. Oz, here is here at the gym daily ? Want to see his taping ?
    Any thoughts at all. Wicked ? Miss ya

  2. Coffeemate = corn syrup solids. Corn syrup = dextrose. Dextrose - corn sugar. Ergo, Coffeemate = corn sugar? Just asking. You've been so successful, so it's not a ding, just a curiosity. I know what the label says, but I'm interested in total control over blood sugar now that we've kicked grains. So black French Roast from now on!

  3. James - RIGHT!

    I don't /won't eat ANY of the stuff here!
    But people are being led to believe that these choices
    are somehow "better" than the crap they've replaced!
    We all need to choose more wisely!

    *it's my wicked sense of humour in action!*

  4. My husband puts fat free half and half in his coffee. How can it be fat free? I'm sure I don't know but I've had my coffee black for 35 years.

  5. Grrr...makes me want to run through the grocery store yelling, "Where's the REAL food??"

  6. oh no! what's wrong with the kink-kink (chicken)? I eat lots of chicken, though usually roasted and put in the astronaut escape pod-shaped clear plastic bubbles.

  7. ~Oct - nothing is wrong with Miss Goldie Chicken!
    I ate the hella out of that stuff... I just wonder if
    the chickens are really raised and fed "naturally"
    like they claim on the package.
    I'm guessing - prolly not so much!

  8. It's amazing how little space is dedicated in the grocers to real food. I wonder about the meat, too. Stay away from cantaloupe and hamburger though.

  9. Sanderson Farms chicken is injected with salt water to make it juicy.... Says so on da label

  10. Love the info, Anne. Wishing you a good day.

  11. Ok, it may not be good for you but I love some of those foods. LOL Must stay away from them.

  12. I know I need to give up the sugar free hazelnut coffeemate but dang, it's hard!

  13. The packaging that goes into some pet brands...OMG when you pick it up if you don't read it...who knows..huh?

  14. Grass and a big bowl of water for me too!

  15. Believe me, I've had my share of Atkins Bars and Cheese Whiz!
    And Monster Drinks! And yes - sugar free hazelnut coffee!!
    Change is a slow process sometimes. It's all good!

  16. It's amazing how many foods are just 'crap'!!


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