04 September 2011

a stronger day

Time flies when you're havin' rum!

Or pizza - without the crust - of course!
Meat Lovers and Supreme!

Or Monster - it was a gift!

I don't mean to be critical. Especially
toward someone who isn't here to defend themselves - but - 
Sometimes on TV, or on YouTube,
I think people could use some improvement
on their technique!

Another day, another cement 'gator....
But no bullies, at least!
Conflict - resolution!

I had chills all day long

Thinking about beef jerky and pemmican - 
It's true - I have no life...

My little old lady neighbor said tonight
that she would not want to meet me in a dark alley....
She said I look stronger!

The detour is looking up!

So Yay!
Stay strong! Hope your day is great!


  1. Now today, after all the emotional upheaval of the past few days,
    I am whipped like a Naughty Monkey myself!
    Hope your Labor Day is great!

  2. Mmm...beef jerky! Hope your Labour Day is great too!

  3. Yep, you do look stronger, but then you also look like a super sweet and nice lady. Can't see you as a threat. I'd be happy to meet you anywhere, any time.

    Glad things are improving. :)

  4. I have no life either! :)

    In jerky love,

    A misfit

  5. You do look stronger and I bet you can handle yourself very well. You should be proud of your cross fit effort. Have a great Labor Day, Anne.

  6. Pizza without the crust?! Crazy :)

  7. Hey!!! I think I've been to that Jerky Outlet!! Is it near that HUGE Bass Pro Shops a few miles outside of Dallas? If it is, we were there in Nov when me and the kids and our grandbaby went to Grand Prairie to do our 5 generation photo with my Grandmother who passed in April.

  8. Right you are, Miss Mommie!
    Out on 30 by the Bass Pro Shop!
    I had a case in that general area -
    Rockwall/ Rowlett/ Garland area.
    I myself life in Garland.

    I looked up - and wow! a cool store
    to investigate on my next day off!
    And sorry about your Grandmother, btw!

  9. Thanks, Anne. It is a great store!! They have all kinds of flavors of jerky and some great sauces! You'll love it!


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