19 September 2011

work a day

Planking in Pink

My own body weight is still enough 
to get a good work out.

I should buy these books and pass them out 
to people who ask what I did to lose weight.
I know everybody. And everybody knows me.
And they think I'm doing ok.
Trouble is  - they just don't -
or don't want to - believe it!

Mickey Dee's sausage patties - one plain 
and one with egg and cheese - no bread for both!

Beef stock, Monster and Atkins shakes....
Some one ate - or thew away - a Paleo Kit I gave 
to a Nurse Friend. Probably ate it.

Kinda taking it easy....
My job can be high stress at times....
This week was one of those times!
Might have a wee little cold.
Called in sick to my second job.
Might or might not call in for CrossFit.
There's so much testosterone in the air -
it kills all the germs on contact!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Look at you, Anne, like a kid, playing like that. I feel like a parent, though, I want to tell you to get down from up there before you break your neck. But I actually love how childlike you look in those first photos.

    Sorry about the cold and the stress. Sigh. Life, it's just how it goes. Feel better soon!

  2. Anne that first picture makes me nervous, god bless you for being able to do that. me not so much. I keep my feet on the floor. lol. you are an adventure girl. feel better. hugs.

  3. Impressive, Anne. I can't do that. I should get my butt into some kind of weight training. I just have absolutely no motivation right now. Someone needs to light a fire under me.

  4. Stress sucks ... and I thought I was free of it for this week. I hope yours goes better and the cold just goes away. Paleo kit. I love it. :)

  5. Your stair plank scares me to watch! Be careful, lady!!!

  6. I hope you are feeling better my funny friend!


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