27 September 2011

yellow sub

A sticker on the back explained it all - 
Yellow Submarine!

Grass Fed beef is an instant hit!

Stuff you don't expect to see in an Asian Bodega

Still the same expired boxes from two years ago!

These nice people go out every season... 
Halloween is the most popular -
Maybe Christmas!

The Ninja - put your shake in the saddlebag -
by the time you get home - it's blended

May I introduce you to KerryGold 
Pure Irish Butter -
Maybe the best butter evah!

This is garlic and herb... Awesome for sautéing!
And all this butter is from Grass-Fed Cows!
From the Emerald Isle.

The lake levels are still really low - it's still in the mid to high 90's here!

Hope your day is great - 
Stay Strong!


  1. Out my way is a chain of sub shops called "Yellow Sub." So now I am drooling.

  2. I wouldn't expect to see that Santa anywhere! He might be better than Beyonce. Did you take him home?

  3. We use Kerrygold, salted/unsalted/herb. Love it.

    I realize I'm just not a beef person. I've always had issues on and off with the taste, and I find unless it's covered in sauce or herbs within an inch of it's life, I can't eat it. Wish I could, since I can't eat seafood. But, well, will keep trying to re-educate my palate, it's so meat-finicky. I wish I could be skinny eating ovo-lacto-veget, but it didn't work for me. Ah,well.

    Enjoy the buttery beef and keep taking pics and being your wonderful self!

  4. i always enjoy your pictures!

    I've seen that butter before but never tried it.

    I really need to start getting some grass fed and free range meats. Just so expensive! But worth it. :)

  5. I wish we could get Kerrygold here!

  6. I love butter! Would love to try that...you will have to invite me over for dinner!

  7. Everyone's invited - just in time for a Blog Block Party!
    BYOB -Bring Your Own Bacon
    Bring Your Own Butter!

  8. Wasn't that a Beatle's song? Yellow submarine?


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