18 September 2011

something something

All at one handy location

Monster and Vitamines.... mmmm
The lady gave me several samples of 
"Life's Fortune" vitamine packets.
Anyone know of a good multi-vit?

Lots of water -
Those Paleo Kits are salty for me!

Lots of stock - unsalted -

Lots of protein and my Paleo Kit today.

A nice (future) nurse asked me all about LC.
So I wrote out several pages for her...
What to eat - what not to eat.
What not to eat in Denver when you're dead.

Two little weeks.
Induction. Again.

I have to ask myself:
Why do I stray away from  my plan 
(I had some trail mix - my patient called it "Tail Mix")
So I re re re re started.... It's ok - but not ideal!
Why subject myself to the whipping when
staying on plan is so good - 
And wandering off is sooo hard!

That is a good question!

Standing up at work... 
Still staying strong!
I've got a wee little bit of Induction Flu, too!

Hope your day is great!


  1. YOu have such a good eye, take such cool pics. I do not have this gift! But I'm glad you share it with us.

    Hope induction flu just eases off and you're flying again in your ketosis-world, baby!


  2. I agree, it's a lot easier when we stay on the right path. Who knows why we stray?

    That first picture? All they need is an AA/NA meeting sign and they'd have the perfect trifecta!

  3. In Gatlinburg, my hometown, there is a large liquor store right next to the building where AA meets. The same person owned both buildings and leased them out without regard to the issues that might follow.

  4. Oh my!!
    Some things I buy low sodium and some things I don't mind a bit of extra sodium because I'm usually pretty low in sodium anyway :)

  5. A bad experience with a food is the only way to keep me away from it! For instance, McDonalds french fries...GROSS (used to LOVE them): I can't stomach them bcs of the film of cold lard that is left on my tongue...same w/Pringles chips (another old time fav). This has also happened w/honey buns (about a wk ago!Blew my mind - I'd never had that cold lard experience w/my beloved honey bun before!). Those incidents were w/low carb eating but many years ago it was being pregnant that did it.

    The culprit: Cookie Dough ice cream (had it when i was pregnant, ended up in the bathroom ALL NIGHT LONG!). Have NEVER had a single spoon of it since (16+ years)!!

    Have a great one Anne H.!

  6. I'm not a real fan of Trail Mix.....
    TAIL mix - now that's another story for another day!
    But - I digress.....
    So yeah... I don't like the stuff and I ate it by the droves.
    Or maybe by the handful.
    One whole bag from 7-11.
    Gone in a flash! Go figure!


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