24 August 2010

zombie survival guide

Salad with chicken and cheese and Green Goddess dressing.
Pork Rinds for croutons.
For when human flesh is not to be found.

My Zombie-like aversion to water continues.
Try making coffee w/ almond milk. 
And some SF DaVincy Kahlua-flavored syrup.

Green Goddess, Ranch, Catalina, 1,000 Island, 
Italian, French...  I like variety. And if  I'm going to do this 
 Zombie thing.... er, uh, I mean LoCarb thing
I don't intend to be redundant, or eat the same things every day.
Or be redundant.

Dreamfield's (LoCarb) Pasta is in all the stores now.
But for this you have to go to a special store.
The Sugar Free Taffy Store.

Executive lunch:
Monster (perfect for Zombies)
Advil (perfect for me!)
And Trident (3 out of 4 Zombies prefer sugarless gum)

Send In The Clouds

The sky had oddly shaped white puffy things in it today.
Not sure what they are. It's been so long.

Don't be afraid -  it's really just me.
I'm not a Zombie - honest!  *wink*
After sleeping and sleeping, I still feel tired.
After last week's heat injury, I have a little a-fib ♡ going on.
Dye, Zombie, Dye!
Cancelled belly dancing and my massage
(both were already paid for by-the-way)
And took tomorrow off from work.
And am going to bed as soon as I click *go!*

by Miser
YouTube video
Hope you like this cover -I have it on iTunes
Are you having a great week so far? 
I'm cheering you on from the Back Of Beyond!


  1. Zombies don't like water? Well, that explains a lot! I am pretty zombie-esque today myself. Awoke too early this morning.


  2. i hope you're well rested when you wake up! and that a cat doesn't steal your pillow (like when i sleep)

  3. tuck. tuck. leaving lots of fluids at arms length so you needn't get up.

    Feel better soon.

  4. Thanks for the redundant chuckle!

    You get 5 stars for self care today!

  5. Anne, hope you are feeling better soon, did you have heat stroke, I feel like I must have missed something. probably sleeping. lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Is the heat making you sleepy? When we got up this morning it was 57F, isn't that great?

  7. No one sleeps better than zzzzzombiezzzzzzzzzz ... enjoy!

  8. Pork rinds for croutons?! Who'd a thunkit!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. I have never heard that song before. It's diffidently not country...LOL

  10. That's the thing about Zombies!
    Ya just never know....
    Plus, even Zombies need fiber, right?


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