18 August 2010

here, there, and everywhere

What cha gonna do with all that junk
up in your trunk - or wagon as the case may be

Cue "The Jetson's" theme music

Cue the "Dallas" theme song

Caused a Super-Sized traffic jam
(No, I didn't go!)

But I did have a Monster with coffee.
That for dinner. That's Trident gum - not "squares!"
Only had about half the Monster. Kinda made me ill.

Kyle (aka KAT) also lost 75ish pounds
and kept it off....
Special K for him - go figure!

Granny Art

"Poppy," not "Jupiter"

Hooked up a fan, via a 50' extension cord.
Ice cold Diet ginger ale w/lime
and paperwork. 
Busy as anything at work....
Just getting home
I felt good about the care I was allowed to give.
It was a day of gratitude for sure.
A beautiful song for you!

Alexandre Desplat
New Moon
"The Meadow"
I hope your day is nothing but good!
Peace ... out ( and in)


  1. I supposet the first photo is "art" right? Well, "whatever floats your boat" is what I say!

  2. Actually i thought it was poopy and jupiter :)

  3. That would have almost as good....
    There, I added another view!
    "Poopy" Street only intersects at Uranus, not Jupiter!

  4. LOL, Special K? hummm??? .... naaa

  5. I like that pink / purple chair in photo #1....no, really.

  6. I love that wagon full of stuff! I would totally decorate my yard with it. Oh wait, I live in a condo. I don't have a yard...but I still love that stuff.

  7. What an awesome statement: I felt good about the care I was allowed to give


  8. Did you use Poopy and Uranus in a sentence together ? And they say I make the fart jokes. How do they get the kids on the roof to meet the giant Ronald, and where does he sleep at night ?

  9. Hubby and I want to know about Kyle's weight loss with Special K. Interesting wagon load of artsy furniture.

  10. Firstly, I like that you drink your ginger-ale in a wine glass. I do that sometimes and it really does make it feel special.

    Pictures with the cue of music that is playing in your head makes them all the better!

    Allan you crack me up!

    The piano piece at the end will be perfect to listen to anytime of the day.
    Thanks for combing the cosmos and bringing all the good stuff here. You make my life so much richer. How can I ever thank you enough.
    Peace in and out to you too :)

  11. Loved the music so relaxing. You take the most FAB pictures ever!

  12. That first picture does look like an art project...really! I remember the Jetsons well. I thought we were supposed to be living like that now. Maybe another 10 years, huh? Hope you had a great day too!

  13. George Jetson lives on Jupiter Rd., no?

  14. Oh Anne, the music video was stunningly beautiful music! Thank you for sharing it, I had never heard it before. I closed my eyes and was transported away... lovely, just lovely. I am off to iTunes store to buy a copy... really!


  15. The composition of things on the wagon is very atristic. Something about it is pretty. I think it's that pink chair that caught my eye.

    You know I'm partial to 'Jupiter'. Is it near the Jetson's highway?

    I let them pilates women kick my ass yesterday. I am some sore jello today.

  16. Way to go on Kat losing the 75 lbs!


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