03 August 2010

like a heat wave

Dialog - "nobody gets hurt today"
...sounds good to me!

What to my wondering eyes should appear?
It's yer classic feather duster stuck in a high power line.
  Keep Garland Clean!

Yummy Burt's Bees-Wax lip gloss won't melt in the heat.
It's always the confusion of heat vs light.
Better wear shades!

Aaahhhhh - not quite a Monster.....
Not quite a cheat.... It's an adjustment!
Beats a migraine any day.
 My afternoon guarana tablet fell into a pile of c-diff! 

Downtown Dallas

Thought I saw this guy, but I dunno...
Must have been a mirage...

NoButt (aka Kyle's) initials spell KAT!

104 degrees at 8 pm!
Triple digits all week?

These guys are busy with heat injuries.
A family member of a patient almost fell out today.
People don't do well in the heat.
Very very busy day today.

Harem pants is as close as I got to Belly Dancing class today.
The class is set for next week! I plan to go!
Hammer Time.

Some Beatles for breakfast?

Hope your Perfect Day is wonderful -
As in "full of wonder!"


  1. Well darnit to no belly dancing class on Monday. But as you said, there is always next week. Cool hip scarf! I have a confession to make - I sometimes wear mine when cleaning house. It makes vacuuming a whole lot more fun - cha ching!

  2. Hot all over the place today.

    Roxie - it wasn't intentional....
    I misunderstood the date of the class!
    So I show up to the office with my little hip scarf
    and Spandex pants. Well, this week, corporate is here.
    I should have known they wouldn't go out shaking
    the night before corporate comes in.
    I'm new to office politics!

  3. you might as well have taken the pill, after all what is c-difference?

  4. Rocky is alone, because moose don't do well in 104 degrees. Everyone thinks Rocky is a flying squirrel, but in truth, he's a huge MONSTER drink fan ...

    I laughed out loud on your "keep Garland clean" photo! I have to admit, I've never seen a high power line equipped in quite that way. Then again, when was the last time you saw dust in Garland? It takes work ...

    When you DO get to BD class, just remember to shake it 'til you break it (or just look like you did)! I'm getting to the age where, if someone tells me to pop my hip, I'm afraid I could do damage.

    Stay cool, but if you can't do that, at least try not to melt.

  5. Uggh, 104...that's harsh. But the good news is, "Nobody got hurt." Whew.

    Anne, shake, shake, shake...shake your booty!

  6. I'm gonna try the cool hip scarf thing while I vaccum!

    Keep cool friends.

    BTW tell cool KAT we said hello. He is cool opening the door with Starbucks in hand probably didn't spill a drop.

  7. LOL@ Hammer Time!Hammer dont hurt em!!! :-)

  8. It is way too hot outside. Iwas hoping it would melt some fat off my bum but no such luck.

    Stay cool and love the belly dancing belt. I have one in black. :)

  9. Wow... take care and keep cool.

    Can't wait to see pics from the class next week. I got a kick out the harem pants pic!


  10. You are rocking those harem pants, Anne. Red is your color.
    I can't wait to hear how class goes.
    xo jj


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