06 August 2010

the art of can

Red Bull: The Art Of Can
At Dallas Galleria

It was a stellar event...
...a Red Bull party!

Actually sitting cross-legged, on the floor.
No pants were ripped! ....om....

(A year and a half ago!)

Hungry all night....
Need to eat more during the day,
Despite the heat.
Water, too. 
As in "need more."

Hope your weekend is "all that"
...and you feel the Love that surrounds you 
Times infinity!


  1. Love this display! What a cool thing. Anne, you are always doing super cool things and going super cool places. I can only imagine what a vacation with you would be like.

    Nice sitting cross legged isn't it? I couldn't do it when I started yoga, but I can now. I will actually be sitting just like that at chanting and meditation within the next two hours. OM!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I guess you could say I did "Hot Yoga" all day in the car!
    People pay money for a sauna and spa...
    And a tan. And a work-out.

    They could just come ride shotgun with me!

  3. I have been mixing a third apple juice with water some of the time. Maybe if I rode shotgun with you some of your good karma would rub off on me and I would lose some weight.

  4. Those were so cool! I love redbull (my reg. email address is redbull***!). I love the dress and the hat.

    You're doing great Anne. You really are :)

  5. Wow...amazing stuff...art is fun!

  6. You always go to the greatest events. I loved this, especially the armedillo. I think that is what it is, even if it is not I like it. No PANTS
    ripped, love that, I am not there yet. take care, have a great weekend.

  7. Awesome pictures...wow!! Sitting cross-legged on the floor...priceless!

    I feel the love xox

  8. I want the Armadillo... please get it & I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for an Armadillo today.

  9. I need more water too...there's never enough damn water.

    Man, I totally miss randomly seeing armadillo memorabilia around. All I ever see here is dang slot machines. None with armadillos though.

  10. I always enjoy your lovely pictures. I gave you an award: http://chubarella.blogspot.com/2010/08/got-versatile-blogger-award.html

  11. Chubarella - Thanks!
    What an honor....
    I am really bad at awards...
    But I try to do my best!
    :D yay!

  12. That is very interesting art! I have no talent for that sort of thing but I admire people who do.
    You're looking good Anne! Hope your weekend is fun.
    xo jj

  13. What an amazing difference in the year pictures! And love the cross-legged pose - for years I had convinced myself that I couldn't do that because I wasn't a kid...hmmm, guess what? This 47-year-old CAN sit cross-legged now!

  14. can art!! whoda thunk it?? wow what a difference a year makes!!

  15. Yes, I was thinking the same thing, amazing difference between those pics from a year and a half ago and NOW!


  16. Texas art, who says culture is dead down south. By the way, hot enough yet ?

  17. Always impressed by the photos you post. I have never tried a red bull. Afraid of ALL the RUSH I might get. LOL Your before and now pictures are AWESOME by the way!

  18. love the photos, the red bull guy is awesome, i want to hug him! and boy you have really really come so far...its amazing!


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