01 August 2010


Went to a belly dancing show tonight

The group/ show is "Kismet" (a link)
Aptly named... I stumbled upon it this very day!

Every level, from beginner to professional belly dancer was here

It was like 4  hours of wonderful belly dancing!
(I couldn't stay for the whole event)

Everyone knew each other and they were all so friendly

The costumes and music made for an 
intoxicating and enchanting evening!





Lots of beautiful costumes, and live drumming, and music

Sari - just a photo*op!

One of the dancer's Service Dog in full costume!

The Carrolton Plaza Arts Center offers an intimate venue.
I got to sit on the front row!

A spontaneous dance broke out during intermission
to the drumming of a group named  "It Is What It Is."
The dance went on for a while -
They are probably still dancing!

YouTube video of belly dancing
There are several more videos of belly dancing,

Every size, shape, age, and skill level of Belly Dancer was here.
And everything in between - every style of dance.
I really wish you could have been there.
You would have loved it!


  1. I always thought it would be great fun to belly dance. Nice little video of the spontaneous dance. Are you going to start doing belly dancing now?

  2. Looks like great fun! I had belly dancing lessons for a few weeks, but work got in the way :(

  3. Love the music! I bet you've got to really work some muscle to be able to move in rhythm. I bet them ladies walked out of there 3 lbs lighter!

  4. TechnoBabe
    I've always thought that belly dancing is for more feminine women.
    Or IS it?
    But I'm trying to expand my frame of reference to include -
    Rather - to not EXCLUDE any thing new!

  5. I think belly dancing is one of those things that brings out a feeling of femininity. I took a belly dancing class at a womens one day retreat and I was wowed. I didn't realize my belly could do that.

  6. Right now, my belly jiggles all on its own. It just breaks out into its own dance. Maybe I should train it ...

    It looked like great fun, Anne. Bravo on not excluding anything without first trying it. I love that attitude!

  7. I've always thought that belly dancing looks like so much fun!!

  8. Let's see some dancing, Anne! Come on now! :-)

    We had to do quite a lot of dancing and singing in order to entertain and play along with a 5 year girl we were recently "babysitting". Entertaining for her but frightening for any adult onlookers! ;-)

  9. I took belly dancing classes a long time ago. I loved it, then I married the Turk and he would dearly love it for me to practice my moves. Sadly, I forgot them all, still got my little cymbal thingies though.

  10. What!?!?!?! I thought YOU were going belly dancing. I didn't realize you were going to see a show.

    It looks like the ladies were having a lot of fun. Maybe you'll sign up for the next class???

    Have a happy week, jj

  11. I am going to a class on Monday.
    This was just an extra deal.
    The lady at the Egyptian store said
    "BTW if you are off tonight, there's a Belly Dancing show...."
    And so I went!

    So it's actually both!
    The show was just so pretty, I wanted to share!

  12. Yay to going to belly dancing class! They have it at the yoga studio I go to, but I am currently in love with yoga.

    Leaf and Lichen were both being looked after by my friend who had the BBQ. I am not sure why he is named Leaf. But he was very nice and friendly.

    Sox is her dog.

    Love all the pics and the video is great. Spontaneity rules!

  13. Wow, the bellydancing looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for your comment about the rebounder. That's amazing to me that at one time you had to SIT and bounce. What a change now!



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