07 August 2010

saturday evening post

Saturday morning coffee, with Miss B and Poochi-Woochi

The dog "wanted" coffee - so she gave it to her!
I tried to give her water - but nooooo!

Is it hot enough for ya?

Can ya hear me now?

Driven by the Invisible Man

Felt advent-turrus today. Bold, even.
So I put color all over my hair.
Right from the tube. Three different tubes.
And 40% (that's right) Hydrogen Peroxide.
The worse that can happen is my hair falls out.
At least it's cooler that way.
And my patients won't mind!

I'm not invested in the outcome.
So I can do the deed, un-detached!

Lookit how fast it grows, eh?

If I can do complicated Nursing procedures,
Surely I can do this. So I tried! Yay!
I was really looking forward to it.
Besides, I'm kinda into this "beauty" stuff.
I even have a Sally's card. 

Could have done without these. I'm in a "getting to know myself" phase.
Trying new things. Within limits. No bad habits back.

"To succeed in life, you need two things:
Ignorance and confidence." Mark Twain

Hope your weekend is going great for you!
Tried anything new lately?


  1. I remember my summer in Dallas...it was too hot to even go to the swimming pool! Besides, the pool was like bathwater. Good times, though...good times.

  2. Those strawberry creme candies helped me get through the 2nd twilight book :) I forgot my limit.

  3. I can't believe how brave you are with your hair!!!! You don't even have much to cut off if you don't like it. I wish I had your courage!

  4. Trying a glass slumping class in 3 weeks... does that count?

    Love your adventurousness (is that a word??)

  5. I am in shock.......your poor hair. Hey it is your hair you can do what you want, it always looks nice anyway. You are way more brave than I am though.
    I see you are still in the "heatwave" Enjoy your Sunday my friend......:-)Hugs

  6. You go girl, I am living vicariously through you. I wish I could drive my car and just go. I have not in seven years, but I have not given up hope.
    Is this insanity. lol. take care, have a great Sunday...hope your out of your heatwave soon, hugs.

  7. Cutie Poochie swiggin coffee..love that.

  8. Right!
    As if they both aren't nervous enough.
    Next time Poochie and her mistress are getting DECAFF!

  9. I love those sugar free treats. Sometimes it's hard to stop at just one though!

  10. I have plenty of ignorance and confidence so ol' Mark would dig me for sure. I am a hair person, have been all my life, so when someone is willing to experiment with their hair, I say good for you. Play with the color and the cut and step outside the stifling box.

  11. Love Trippin with you Anne.

    Just goes to show when you're not invested in the outcome you get more and in your case lose more. It's the courage / bravery thing that the others have mentioned that really makes it happen. You make it look easy. I know its not.

    You are a blessing!


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