26 August 2010


Yo - the pizza guy is here - somebody pay him!

It's an office pizza party!

I'll have a slice, or two....but no crust!
Pizza Hut has generous toppings.

Thank you very much - but no thanks!
I'm able to say "live and learn" this week.
My stomach was actually growling! Grrrr! But no crust for me.
Not after last week's semi-indulgent carb-fest! (Buns!)

And the crust goes to .... 
Look at all the quack-quacks! And twice as many turtles!
And here's me up  5 pounds. My first actual gain.
When you are short, 5 pounds shows up unmercifully!
[I am 5'2".]  Betcha that 50 pounds shows up even more!
I really had to ask myself all the key questions this week.
Is it worth it? Turns out, I think it is worth it.
Or am I being sidetracked from the heat injury last week?

LoCarb isn't perfect, but it is better than being where I was.
Will there be hungry days? Yes.
Missed meals? Yes.
Cakes that want to get eaten? Yes.
Impromptu office pizza parties? Oh, yes; most definitely!

Can other people eat the stuff with no problem?
I dunno. Is it "fair?" Hardly. 
Can I eat carbs and sweets like I once did?
No. Is that "fair?" I shouldn't think so.
But it is accurate. At least for now.
Tell ya what. Here's my logic:
Go back and eat the cake and cookies and anything ya want.
As much as ya want. And come back and tell me how that's working for ya.
It's never just about the food.
We aren't just learning about diets.
We are learning about ourselves.
Hope your week is filled with splendor -
or Splenda, as the case may be!
Or at least sweetness and light!


  1. Feed the crust to the ducks - let them put on weight! You're doing great Anne!

  2. Good for you to check in periodically and see if you want to make any changes or if you want to keep things as they are.

  3. Love the post. Were you inspired by my pizza picture?...lol

  4. You look good. Sassy. Good to see you in better fitting garb. :)

  5. we are totally learning about ourselves!! Hey, Im a shorty too--just 5ft here. If I stand up straight that is! I think the pizza toppings are the yummiest part! Obviously the ducks disagree and thats just ducky!

  6. Crust is so crusty, don't be crusty.

  7. Anne~ raise your right hand high in the air, bend at the elbow and pat yourself on the back.

    Well done!

  8. Oh man! I love Pizza Hut so much. good for you staying away from that crust. And the ducks appreciate it too. :)

    You're so right: it's much more than about food. We're learning about ourselves along the way. Sometimes it's fun; sometimes it's disturbing. Always interesting.

  9. The big question is disguised inside the little questions:
    Am I worth this kind of effort?
    On this level of form
    And/or on the higher levels of Thought that it represents!?

  10. Great choices, Anne! Good job ... plus, the ducks appreciated it, I'm sure. I posted a similar thought today, on deciding if something is worth it or not. Great minds, or Ann(e)s think alike? hahaha

  11. Pizza Hut, that is not even a choice for cheating. Ketchup, white bread and american cheese. Ugh..Good choice on the diet and in life..

  12. Killer Pizza....argghghgh. Love your post today, Anne, and so did the ducks. As soon as I learned that life wasn't fair, it made it so much easier :-)

    Getting over the fact that I'm short...not so much - lol. No-suger sweetness to you.

  13. You said: (in a very hidden way)

    Am I worth this kind of effort?

    Yes, Anne, you are worth this kind of effort. You, we, all deserve to have as much happiness as we can create in our lives. It is worth the effort. The journey of self-knowledge and new expression is an E ticket ride.

  14. :)
    Thanks, Roxie - your words mean alot to me!

  15. It's more about what's between the ears then what's on the plate....oh if only it was that easy.

    You gotta feel worth it. To take and keep it off. I'm woth Roxie, we are all worth it!

    You can do hard things....hugs to you my Friend!

  16. i love that, anne. "it isn't about food."

    it sounds truer hearing it from you...

  17. You look GREAT!! Can you tell me where/how you got started? I am sooooo depressed. Need to lose 40#...but just to old...to tired...etc etc. Sorry for the whine..... :(

  18. Can I eat chocolate
    binge on chocolate
    like I once did?

    Can I eat cookies
    binge on cookies
    like I once did?

    Is it fair

    Is it accurate

    Now I get it
    thanks to one smart
    totally worth it


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