22 August 2010

dye another day

I love love love to do my hair.
I never thought in a million years I would love it so.
Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto!
It's all science and chemistry.

My hair grows soooo fast.
I do it like every 2 weeks.
I actually look forward to it!

Must be all that LoCarb goodness!

Still hot here - cool cloud formations, though

A couple of fires here and there

This one was right by my apartment.
Still smoldering - can you tell?

Generally speaking, black smoke shows that a fire is raging.
Whereas white smoke shows that it has been put out.

From time to time, I stop to help if there is a wreck or a fire.
Last time, a house fire melted the fabric on my scrubs!
Pretty hot.

Once, I was first on the scene of a wreck, and stopped to help.
I was then late for work.
But my boss saw me on tv/ news - so I had an excuse!

"Cutie-Pie - pound those horseteeth!"

Three Stooges
Swinging The Alphabet
This time in color!
May your days be merry and bright
And all your Kismet-ez be light!


  1. Hair looks great Anne......some of the cloud pictures are gorgeous others no so much. We have had haze for 3 days now.....horrid....:-)Hug

  2. You look great. Your short blonde do really suits you. Great pictures, by the way, as ever -- I love your photographs. The pic of the clouds is spectacular.

  3. I loved that cloud formation, too. Stunning pic!


  4. Wow, every two weeks, I color mine every 6 to 8 weeks. Short hair shows the new growth sooner or else I would not color it for a few months. Hubby just told me this week he would be interested to see my natural color and asked I would not color it. I told him I would think about it. I change the color often and it is fun for me. The sugarless ice cream or yogurt in the picture looks so good but I would have to know the ingredients. I usually don't eat anything with a sugar substitute. Hubby made me some sorbet yesterday with orange juice concentrate, lemon juice, frozen peaches and a little honey. It is zingy and full of flavor.

  5. Hi TechnoBabe -
    About the sugar-free stuff....
    That is indeed the rub!

    LoCarb can sometimes call forth all those chemical substitutes.
    Kinda like hair color! (Yikes!)
    But for me, it was (and is) a choice worth making
    when it comes to weight-loss.
    At least for now!

    And yes - it is fun to change the color!

  6. Wow - that weather is scary looking to me!

    Have you ever gone a unconventional colour - like pink or purple?

  7. cute hair! love the blonde!!!

  8. Love your hair, love your pictures, love your blog!

  9. Hair hair everywhere. So many fires too, whats up with the fires? BBQ gonebad?

  10. Thanks for giving a hand with fires and wrecks!

    Being first at a wreck is one of my nightmares.
    Afraid I wouldn't know what to do
    and might pass out because I'm so blood shy.

  11. Sometimes, Peaceful Bird, ya are just in the right place at the right time.
    I am not only a Nurse, but (formerly) a Combat Medic, and EMT!


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