12 August 2010

that's a wrap

Infrared heat wrap at the Wellness Center.
Got a discount on Groupon!
Have you tried it? Yay!

One hour in these wraps - makes ya sweat!
They say it's like a relaxation work-out.
Raises metabolism - very relaxing radiant heat wrap.
(I also do a Manual Lymph Drainage on myself 
twice a day - morning and night.)

The room was cozy and quiet 
with soft, meditation-like music playing.

They had a candle burning on a shelf.
And all kinds of ambient ambiance.
The staff was awesome!
I can't wait to go back.
107 degrees F yesterday
Who needs a heat wrap?
Water sounds like a good idea!
Liquid protein today - Egg Whites International...
It's way too hot to cook and eat!
Maybe a salad later.
"Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes."
Hope you are having a great and cool Thursday!


  1. Did you see Google today?
    It's the Wizard of Oz 71st anniversary!
    Have a Wickedly good day!

  2. 107 degrees in Texas, and you have a heat wrap..Yeah baby, I wanna party with you !!!

  3. We have to go out very early in the mornings to get things done before it is even hotter out there. Remember, we are old leftover hippies and we keep hearing that old people aren't supposed to be out in the heat. Ha.

  4. It sounds loverly...if it were freezing cold out. But , girl, you are in Texas. Could you do a "poor man's version"?-Just put some head phones on, slather on some baby oil/ mercurachome, and cook outside in the sun? have a cool day :)

  5. So good of you to help out the local economy...those temps must be hurting their business. Did the staff take the photo of you with your eyes closed?...such a sweet shot of you. Good to see you mellow.

    Have a great day!

  6. Ohh and Thanks Anne for the Groupon link. I think I shall try it.

  7. Anne you have the most beautiful skin, the pic with your eyes closed. good for you, I think it might be too hot for this Canadian gal. take care.

  8. That looks almost like something out of a movie. LOL

  9. Manual Lymph Drainage ? I am guess we dont want to see pics of that.

  10. That sounds wonderfully warm and delicious. I will having my own heat wrap tonight at yoga...by about 8:00 p.m. I will be head to toe sweat. Love it!

    When I try to go to google.com it takes me to google.ca and I am not seeing anything about the Wizard of Oz. How does google know where I live?

  11. Google knows everything about us!

  12. That looks like heaven!! I am going to look for this near me!!

  13. Seriously, with the weather you've been having, what possessed you???? Did you find the wrap beneficial? I wish I had your life...you seem to have a lot of fun!

  14. I set the appointment up months ago...
    Summer times are usually slow in Hospice.
    But this summer were are hopping!
    And thanks - I love my life -
    But only because I was loved.

  15. And the Lymph Drainage - it's not gross or anything.
    I'll do a post on it once....very cool stuff!

  16. Yes, I want to hear about the lymph drainage...really. If it is healthy and helpful, I'm interested.


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