23 August 2010

salad day

The Best salad in the world.
With tuna and cottage cheese.

Or maybe I was just super hungry for it!
Those are dried cranberries.

All kinds of random things today.
Colorful, though. Very pretty!

Low carb-ish Gatorade

A bright yellow crop duster over a sub-division

A bank parking lot structure

Looks like rain - but  none yet!
Just hazy haze.

I don't always wear black.
Pink is a color that asks the question:
"Can't we all just get along?"

One year ago in June and July.
Right before I went on vacation last Autumn.
After 4 months of LoCarb already!
So add 30 + pounds to this lovely sight.

What with a mild case of chills and a major migraine (all night)
I self-diagnosed (myself) into thinking I had a mild heat injury last week.
[I've had one before, years ago, in the Army - whilst up all night listing to Madonna!]

All I did was sleep. Work, blog, sleep, and drink my Monster LoCarb Energy drink.
The What-A-Burger thing was a blip on the hungry radar.
No real problem except that it wasn't very thoughtful or well-planned.
With LoCarb it can be easy to get dehydrated. 
DFW is at 30 days with no relief from triple digits.
Live and learn is the name of the game.

Hope you are well!  


  1. I'll take the tuna you can keep the cottage cheese :)
    Maybe it was the monster drink???

  2. No - I started back on those after it got too hot
    to eat or drink or keep anything down!

  3. What a delicious looking salad. I love all of your photos that you post everday. Very artsy!

  4. Had heat injury myself once..I was new to living in Arizona, did everything "right"..hydrated, wore a hat, walked in the morning , wore sunscreen...still got sick..lucky I didn't stroke.

    You have made awesome , awesome progress and you look even more sassy with blond hair and the pink scrubs.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! I love the before and after shots you post each week. You are awesome!

  6. The difference in weight is unbelievable, would love to have your discipline. You look so much younger and healthier today Anne, so happy for you. Salad looks good but don't like cottage cheese, love dried cranberries though.......:-) Hugs

  7. The heat has been bad here also, thankfully I work in another county and it is and easy 15 degrees cooler there, the 40 mile drive to work sucks, but .....looking good Anne, wow what a difference

  8. Salad days, indeed. Your salad looks yummy. I love dried cranberries. I had a salad last week with dried cranberries and pecans. It more like dessert!

    Funny you should picture that butterfly. I was shopping with my daughter in Dallas on Saturday and two of those butterflies were in a sale bin. A lady came buy and bought both of them. I wondered to myself what she was going to do with them. I now know what someone is doing with them.

    I hope you are sufficiently proud of how you have changed your life in the recent past. Not just your weight, although that is/was part of it. My hope is that you are much happier as a result of all your efforts.

  9. Enjoyed the colors today
    especially cranberries in the salad

    Tripple digits last week
    made me short of breath and woozy
    not so good on a motorcycle
    or any vehicle for that matter
    I found SoBe Zero in many yummy flavors
    and lots of it
    helped with the wooze some

    Now back in high double digit territory
    and no rain for many weeks
    maybe two months
    poor trees
    Madronas losing even their green leaves

    Back to you
    good work with the low carbs
    Isn't it fabu not having to carry
    those extra pound around?
    Love it!

  10. mmmm salad! i've been craving raw vegetables lots recently.

    30 pounds makes a hell of a difference.

  11. The 30 pounds came off before the bottom pics were taken.
    Overall I have lost closer to 75 -80 (or more) pounds!
    I never weighed myself prior to dieting.

  12. Could the crop duster be in search of a What-A-Burger? How wide is their drive thru??

  13. I'm thinking it was more like a scene from a James Bond movie...
    But they sprayed the town with BBQ sauce to make us all want more!

  14. Love the photos today, especially the salad :)

    By default I eat a fairly high protein diet (not really low carb) and it makes it so much easier to make good choices.

  15. Girl, you better take care of yourself out there. It's HOT! Hope you are feeling better today. That heat is nothing to mess with.

    Oh and the salad looks sooooo good. :)

  16. Pretty cool butterfly on the pole. Is that a light pole? You look slimmer and much younger now than you did a year ago. And you look really good in pink.

  17. Have you tried the new Wendy's berry-berry salad? I did once and fell in love with it so now I make it at home all the time. My favorite salad so far. YUMMY!

    I wear pink in my hair for the same reason. smile.

  18. I love the pictures of the salad....yummy. Your weight loss is very inspiring. Love ya, Anne.

  19. The question I want answered when I see your 'before' and 'now' pictures...do you 'feel' better?

  20. I hope you are feeling better by now.
    Easy to get dehydrated on low carb?? I hadn't read that before.. I'll have to look it up.


  21. Ouch! That's hot. It's been cool here the last few days. I have on socks and a sweater. I think I'm getting a cold. Booo! I'm trying to zicam it away. I wonder how many calories are in zicam. Should I care? No. Not if I don't get awful sick, I don't care.

    You've made a remarkable transformation, Anne. Color looks good on you. I don't own much black primarily because I have two white cats. I tend to avoid dark shades of all colors.

  22. Holly - I don't feel better per se
    Except in the heat - or when going up the stairs.
    And it's good to not feel awkward in a room full of people.
    I still haven't made it to the point where I can fully appreciate
    my new-found ..... Gosh, I can't even find the right word to describe it!


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