22 August 2010

back to school

Woot -Woot!
 Back to school in Life's Classroom
LoCarb Style
(Just looked it up - link here!)

Nice cold foods for a no-cook kind of day
Make a meat and cheese wrap with cream cheese!

Feet on the ground - check
Pants on - check
Shoes that match - check
That's all I need to start.

I'm actually kinda shy at times....

Get moving

You Tube Video
Mary Black
(one of my faves)

While at work - I can't work out.
Obviously. So I stretch. Just a little.

Top of the hour, every hour:
Walk in place, arms up, slow burn...
Whatever. One minute - two minutes.
Over the course of 12 hours,
I have "snuck in" almost 30 minutes of activity!
30 minutes that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten.

Bottom of the hour:
Drink 4 to 6 ounces of cold water
Just about a half a cup or so.
Really, just a few good swallows.
Then, over the course of shift,
I have consumed at least a litre of water.
The easy way!
Hope your weekend is a great one
Ready for this week?
I want to make this week a good one.
Care to join me?
Food was spot-on today. No more unplanned feasts.
Why temp fate? Or "fat" as the case may be!


  1. Woot!Never heard of it, what kind of store is that? Cheese, I see cheese all over the place. Cheese makes me smile.

  2. Cheese makes me smile fatter.....

  3. I will join you in making this a good week!! Ummmm, cheese.....my most favorite part of LoCarb eating!!

  4. Hey, I forgot all about Woot... I used to check them out occasionally. Now I'm going to have to put them on "speeddial" to keep up with the daily specials. I think part of their...um... charm, is their snarky, irreverent product descriptions and cheeky attitude. Fun stuff.


  5. Were those Mormon missionaries on the bikes? It sure looks like it. White shirt=check, dark pants=check, backpack=check and helmets=check...lol

  6. Hillshire Farms Ham ? No slicers in the Deli ? If you want, can I tell you where that comes from ? Love me some ham, but 7-11 style, not so much..We need to upgrade our meats !! And save $$ too...

  7. HaHa! My cat Freddie has a "Woot Monkey". It's this silly monkey toy that they sell sometimes on Woot.com. It has these rubber arms and a super hero cape. You use the arms to shoot him across the room like a slingshot...and he does this crazy loud monkey screeching sound as he flies. He also makes the screeching sound (we found out) if your cat runs arund the house with the woot monkey in his mouth shaking him...in the middle of the night. It's Freddie's favorite toy and apparently woot monkeys are nocturnal.

  8. Woot! Wow, you Americans have all the fun! Our stores are not as much fun. Thanks for your comments on my blog, Anne. It wasn't all bad this weekend. We had our granddaughter (2 1/2) for a sleep-over on Friday. My little angel love. I cannot be sad when she's around. Glad you had a great day!

  9. I especially like your common sense approach
    to getting exercise and water


  10. I love your technique at getting all of your water in- very simple that way! It's back to school week for me- for real!


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