15 August 2010

miss b for breakfast

Miss B brought me a $2 bill for good luck!
"You need it!" she said.

She takes all the cans to be recycled.
Nary a Monster in the lot.

My new haunt is beauty supply stores.
If you can imagine that. I've really taken to this hair science.

But only because I am too dumb to be afraid!
I love the coloring aspect. I "get" it, I think.
Note the eyebrows!  Yep - did those too.

Not afraid, that is, until I saw this!
Despite the heat, it gave me cold chills.
And a cold sweat. A little anxiety rising.

Bought every kind of soap and cleaner 
and bleach and sanitizer on the market.
Then, I realized the connection.
That chair somehow triggered some sublimated memory
form my childhood! It was a good time for the denial 
to break through.  Now that I don't have layers 
of "me" to "protect" me from the world at large, 
all kinds of thoughts have come up.
No food or drinking or excess or anything else much.
Nowhere to "hide" my hide!
There's nothing to hide, anyways.
Except maybe naugahyde.
And humor. Wit works as well.
I guess Miss B's $2 bill did the trick!

This just in:
I'm in a good enough place right now to not allow 
this most recent revelation de-rail me! 
I can do hard things! (A nod to Dana here.)
I can analyze this. Get to the bottom of the angst.

So I looked again at the picture.

There is a picture of a naked woman right beside it! On black velvet.
Wha - wh - what the eff? What is she doing there? What an odd juxtaposition.
No wonder the panda was looking so shocked.
Why in a beauty supply store? Unless it was Sweeney Todd's barber shop.
Who knows how many other things were "hiding" there, in plain sight!

All righty then - that's enough "uncovering" for one day!
Literally and figuratively! *phew!*
We now return to our regularly scheduled activities.


  1. What a day!
    Hope yours is going well.
    Staying cool?

  2. Sounds like a lucky $2 bill... better hold on to that tightly :)

  3. Well, Anne, it's over 100 here in British Columbia...too much for us rain lovers. Glad there were no Monsters in your trash. BTW, whose hand are you holding at that beauty shop?

  4. *Whew!* That's hot, JustMe!
    Those fingers were from a box of fingers.
    A box of fingers, just sitting there.
    Unless you mean whose hand was I
    metaphysically holding?!

  5. Anne, you may not have layers to protect you from the world, but I noticed in your photo that you bought SAFEguard ... and barely above it peaks a rather sinister-looking scrubbing bubble. The TIDE must be turning ... nNo naked ladies, but plenty of interesting hidden messages in your cleaning closet nevertheless! LOL Great job on the brows! You've become a pro, so no creepy panda-chairs for you!! (Whew) Stay coooooool ...

  6. So the top matches the middle. And the top matches the bottom ? TMI ? Hmm, the crowd wants to know... Think slowly, it will come to you...

  7. Allan - Oh! I get it!
    The curtains matching the carpet, eh?

    Ann - That's perfect - the safeguard...
    *sigh* I am sure I'll be ok, but dang!
    This must be the hard part.

  8. Naked ladies, black velvet, polar bear heads? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. What a day.

    I love me some Miss B and hope that $2 bill is good for at least ten years of good luck.

    I will miss your posts when I am gone and I will miss posting to you. Have fun, stay safe and I can see that you will stay clean!

    Ta ta for now!!!

  9. Naked on velvet??? Whoa!

    I keep a $2 bill in my wallet that I've had for about ten years. My mom gave it to me so I'd "always have a few bucks in my pocket".

    The eyebrows are looking as good as your hair. Nice job Anne.


  10. I guess with the velvet and the panda and all,
    you could say
    "Bear Naked Ladies!" Eh?

  11. Black Velvet, just awful excuse for art. But I saw cans of ginger ale - that is a crown pleaser.

  12. I go thru phases on soda, I am currently on a SF squirt kick. Black velvet nekked ladies, OMG so scandalous. I am too chicken to do my own hair, I did it myself when I was in my 20's and got mistaken for ______ by a truck driver, No sir ee it's the hair salon for me!!!

  13. Cold here - forgot my coat today and it was not fun!

    Well done for doing the eyebrows!!!!

  14. LOL!!! you crack me up, but seriously not sure why there are big teddy bear chairs and nakey ladies in the beauty supply either! Being brave and experimental with your look is awesome, I need to grow a pair (er, so to speak), I think Im in a beauty rut!


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