13 August 2010


A De Soto in De Soto, Texas

Very pretty things all along the way


Lock your grizzly up here -grrr!

A bank with a church motif -
Worship during banker's hours!

Well, there goes the neighborhood!

Dallas World Trade Center

This is what Dallasites call
"The big fancy building next to the WTC"

Happy Reunion Tower

Don't worry - traffic was doing this when I took these!
Friday afternoon Downtown Dallas.
They call this part "The Canyon" 
because of the high walls and narrow highway corridors.

Hope your weekend is wonderful and happy
All the live long day!

YouTube Video
Ides of March!!
Great God In Heaven You Know I Love You!


  1. Estoy empezando a conseguir realmente enojada con algunas de las personas banda, y yo podrĂ­a explotar. Tener un gran fin de semana ...

  2. Have a fun weekend. take care.

  3. The happy reunion tower picture looks like an ad for a cell phone company's (bar) coverage ... loved the grizzly storage facility. I wonder how many you have to have, before you need overflow storage.

  4. Some of those buildings look like they are out of this world. How FAR did you travel today?

  5. That DeSoto looks sweet, wonder if it has a/c?

  6. Great photos have fun and drive safe!

  7. What is it about old model cars that make current models look so blah. I love the lines of the oldies... and I'm sure there's a message in there but it's too early for me to figure out ;-)

    Have a great weekend Anne. jj


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