17 August 2010

let it rain

Some nice music for a day that wants to rain
Maria Callas
YouTube Video
Which was also featured in the
opera scene in the film "Philadelphia"

"It was then, in my misery,
that Love came to me..."

It was rumored that the opera singer swallowed a tapeworm
to lose weight, but no; she just followed a "sensible" diet.


  1. Love the photos, Anne! :-)

    Mad and I send you our best!

  2. Some amazing cloud shots you got there... expecting George Burns to appear from the heavans as God any minute.

  3. I love the photos especially the ones of the clouds Anne, breathtaking.....:-)Hugs

  4. A day that wants to rain. I feel like that sometimes as a matter of fact I just wish I could cry away the heaviness. But even the tears won't come. So I shall wait and just watch the clouds.

  5. You had me at the clouds. beautiful.

  6. We got some rain yesterday, too. Clouds make for great sunsets. Terrible astronomizing, however.

  7. Gorgeous photos! My favorites are the first two. So lovely.

    Funny about the tapeworm rumor. Even funnier, is that they used to really DO that! ick!


  8. The tapeworm rumor got to me too. I've heard that before but....big YUCK! Now that's crazy!


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