28 August 2010


Meet Annie -  a cute little hottie dog 2 doors down
"Get a Long, Little, Doggie!"

Showing off with Smart Water! And what happens next.
Spilled it all over my self! Guess I ironed these scrubs for nothing!
So hot outside, it dried in just a few minutes!

Traffic signs - I got.
Problem is, I can't read "life" signs - I think they don't apply to me.
Or magic freaking unicorns will give me a re-do.
Which isn't logical or even true.

Sam's - your friendly, neighborhood, LoCarb Headquarters.
Just walk on past the "I candy!"

What I did get:
A couple of good things to have for the weekend:
☑Ready-made pot roast, ☑salad from a bag, ☑chicken from a can,
and ☑green beans, also looking smashing in a can.
Now appearing in a "la cart" near you.

What I didn't get:
☒Atkins bars. Didn't even go down the aisle. 
So try to imagine a picture of a box here.
 ☒Cashews, nuts or ☒German beer.
Forsworn nuts and fast food, at least until after the holidays.
September, October, November and December.
17 weeks - in dog years.
Maybe now and again - as a garnish - not as a mainstay, or meal.
They are a maintenence tool - not a weight-loss tool (for me.)
And drinking makes me blog like a fool.
Bah! ....so that's out, too.
Plus, who needs it! I didn't drink before.
I can easily go back to not drinking again. 

Free samples, anyone?
This guy asked if I wanted a "nutritional bar."
I said "No thanks, I'm on a diet."
My standard answer. Just came out of me. Habit, I guess.
He emphasised "But they are nutritional!"
Well, there ya go, then. It's soooo easy to be fooled by hunger!

Meet Aundre
THIS guy has lost like a whole bunch o' weight, as well!

Pretty tired right now.... taking (another) day off.
A week's worth of hard-core "back to basics"
took off some of the weight, and most of the water
that I put on last week. *sigh*
Live and learn. Now that I've been around that block,
I don't care to repeat it anytime soon!
The White Stripes
YouTube Video
Hope your weekend is "shaping up" to be a good one!


  1. So many temptations, and you just breeze on by ... good job! And congratulations on taking off the added sneaky pounds. I don't love sneaky pounds. They are so ... sneaky.

  2. How do you go on a unique diet?
    You-neek up on it!
    How do you go on a tame diet?
    Da tame way!

  3. Have you been hitting the Monster drinks this morning? hehehe

  4. Nitro 2 Go is the "Flavor of the Day"
    The silliness comes out of me when I am in
    my favorite "happy" place: a bliss-ninny state of ketosis!
    I am actually trying a little Alternate Day Fasting (modified)
    And the immediate reward is endorphin based joy.

  5. My kind of woman, that can get the bottle of Smart Water in her mouth, smile, not choke, and show the world !!! Time to visit Texas ? Hmmm

  6. I like your eclectic choice of music..you don't see the White Stripes around Blogworld much..:)

    lo carb it up! but I am feeling a bit sad that you are avoiding beer -especially during October.

  7. How I wish I could only walk out of Costco with a few things. I end up spending over $100 every time I walk in that place. And I NEVER g to the eatery. Way to be strong!

  8. Ahh...the beer!
    I have lived in Frankfurt, Germany,
    and went to University in a small German town (in Midwest America)
    And Oktoberfest beer is good. No mistake. But for me,
    I was liking RedBull and alcohol just a little too much.
    Now that I'm lighter, a little goes a long way!
    And it's nothing but "empty" calories, besides.
    So I just quit, before I turned myself into a drunk blogging jerk.
    I was so jealous, and for no reason. Rough times.
    Still not completely reconciled. Not that I blame the drinking;
    I don't.
    It just brought out the ego/jerk that was already in me.
    And now that food is "off the table..."
    Well, I would rather write a happy ending!

  9. Annie is a sweetie pie! Give her a pet from me.
    Now your wetting yourself? Sorry couldn't help it :)
    Aundre has a wonderful smile, how much has he lost?
    I think i'd panic with those road signs!
    White stripes i really like them.
    You just reminded me that Octoberfest is coming and here in Kitchener we have the second biggest Octoberfest in the world.

  10. The things in your shopping cart are what we get here regularly too.

  11. Guess what I'm singing...signs, signs, everywhere signs...your posts always have me humming a tune. Love the hottie dog. I want one! Then I won't need a hot-dog.

  12. My husband and I call Costco the Hundred Dollar store!

    "119 days till Xmas."
    No way... I didn't believe you so I had to go ask Mr Google. You are right. :-O


  13. Yep - that's good because
    If you eat once a day, that's 100 chances to get it right!
    For most of us, however, thats 300 + chances to change something.
    This might just be ok!

  14. I love that you iron your uniforms. My mother used to iron all our undergarments and every now and then I do the same just to feel that extra love.

  15. OMG we posted at the same time again!

  16. Cashews rule, so I guess there are more for me. Sweet! We're off to Costco tomorrow, free samples I don't do. But there will be plenty of folks crowding around the freebie stands clogging up the aisles. Almond Butter is on my list for tomorrow, any chance I'll just get in and out with my tub of Almond Butter?

  17. Hear Ye, Hear Ye-
    I do hereby bequeath all, some, or most of my nuts
    to Dear Patrick, until after the holidays, or at which time
    (if any) I run to the store and step in on out!
    Enjoy, Brave Sir Patrick! :D

  18. Wait just one minute: Magic freaking unicorns aren't logical?! Prepare for the flame comments! Not from me though. :-)

  19. They are real, but only in a Parallel Universe!

  20. Great shopping! Signs...hmmm...sometimes you just don't know what they mean...


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