21 August 2010

oh boy, tickets!

Santa's "Bad" List
Fasting too fast, I guess.
This is what tickets look like here.

Tickets? To where - maybe a play?
A concert? No?

The Nice Officer asked if I had a problem -
Otherwise why was I speeding.

I told the Nice Officer that I was a nurse.
Just going to my next case.
He said "Oh - that explains it!"

Worst of all, the weight on my driver's license is bar coded.
And printed up way high! What?
I was like - Oh hells no! Not after all this work!
I've got to change that.

Which what where - huh?

No giant hamburger today

Back to LoCarb 101

Have the horses back by midnight... or else


The end of a pretty hard day!
Not really a stress eater, or I would have binged.
Not really depressed, or I would have quit.
No anxiety, no "what if's" - no plotting against myself!
No drinking - just one Monster a day.
Just a blip on the radar screen!

Just trying to do the best I can.
Which is a pretty good goal.
(Which, by the way, I did!)
Blue October
Jump Rope

Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one!


  1. Back on, wait, never off.. Take a visit over my way, sent you some love...

  2. YAY - Thanks, Allan!
    Love those pics of NY.
    Two thumbs up, guy!

  3. Sorry about the ticket but Kiddos on getting the weight fixed. My weight finally matches the one I lied about years ago. LOL

  4. my bonfire worked! NO Vitatops for me!! back on track with ya Anne :)

  5. Just doing the best you can is what we can do.

  6. Which what where-huh?

    kinda like the black brick road...Wicked!

    Doing the conga line dance....right behind you Anne!

  7. Around these parts, they've got those pesky "traffic violation cameras". The only way you know you're getting a ticket is by seeing a flash go off. By then, it's too late. No bargaining to be had. Haggling with a machine rarely turns out well.

  8. So sorry about your ticket to NoFunVille.

    I think I've recently had a 11K calorie burger myself. Oh well. Right back at it.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Anne.

  9. Tickets, so much fun they are not. Unless hegave you tickets to the police officers ball. You belly dance right? Couldn't dance your way out of that ticket huh. Jacks Links,good stuff!

  10. Right Patrick!
    But it didn't stop me from trying!

  11. Oh my gosh....I am so far behind in my reading...I love your hair!!!!!

  12. I go away for a weekend, and all chaos breaks loose! Remind me NEVER to move to Texas, where (apparently) they have the gall to include WEIGHT codes on drivers' licenses. Why force so many women to lie? Sheesh ...

  13. No weights on our drivers licences!

    ((hugs)) for a crappy day.


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