30 August 2010

dancing through life

Went to Belly Dancing class.
Part of an 8 week series.
 These are Jazz Ballet shoes.

Going through some motions.

The previous class is more advanced. 

They have all kinds of drop-in classes....
I get a comp class for the one I missed.
I might try Nia  (link) Have you heard of it?
It's like a free-form dance/yoga/martial arts.
One local Nia instructor also offers Dervish classes!
YouTube Video
Nia Dance

I'm by far the oldest one in the group. 
Everyone else is like omg in college and it's like rush week!
We are putting together a dance number 
that is choreographed to this Music.

YouTube Video
Arabian Nights 
by Hossam Ramzy
YouTube Video
Slow Belly Dancing 
It's fun to just move around for the length
of the song! My moves are more like a robot,
than a belly dancer. Must be the Army training.
I love the music and heard alot of it 
during the first Desert Storm.
I ended my "fat fast" tonight.
Modified a wee little bit.
This is my second fat fast.
The infamous Keckwick diet!
Atkins recommends it as a "jump-start" technique.
5 days total - it went well.

My 32 (men's) pants are a little snug.
But the 34's are falling off. Go figure!
(Much better than 48, at any rate!)
All in good time, my pretty - all in good time....

Hope you are doing wickedly well 
And having an awesome week!
Trying anything new lately?


  1. 3 pounds off but lots of inches.
    Not a bad trade-off for a week.
    And I feel more happier, too!
    That's what's good about ketosis.
    Happy days AND weight loss.

  2. Eggsellent, Anne! Congrats and keep it up!

    Re: belly dancing - I love your adventurous spirit! You're a gem!

  3. Belly dancing eh? Too cool! Not something I would try... I am so un-co!

  4. Moving to music you love
    is so sweet a passage of time
    Honoring your beautiful belly
    feeling it shift and undulate

    Fat fasting behing you
    on track again
    and grinning ear to ear
    you leave the robot body behind
    experimenting instead
    with the body of a breeze

  5. Oh, I loved the clip of the Arabian Nights music!! I wish you could post a video of your class doing your routine. Instead, I just imagined it.

  6. New for me... the glass slumping class... and epsom foot soaks!

    Not very exciting.

    Belly dancing is great fun :)

  7. Bought the belly dancing belt...don't know what I am waiting for. Nia sounds interesting. I had never heard of the Keckwick diet before, just read up. So you only do it for a week?

  8. I have not tried anything new lately- how boring! I'd like to see a video of your class, too!

  9. I think that dancing through life is the perfect philosophy. Have a great week!

  10. Tell me you watch/practice "Shimmy" on Fit TV ... they teach you to belly dance from the comfort of your TV set. May be good supplemental exercise ... Congratulations on taking the class! It will be fun to follow your progress. Oldest one in class? Don't throw out a hip! haha (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

  11. Aliana - Yes... the "fat fast" is so hard, ya don't want to do it for more than 5 days. Last time, I only made it to day 4!

    Roxie - "Dancing Though Life" is also the title of a song from
    my fave musical "Wicked!" .....Let's go out to the Oz-Dust Ballroom...

    PeacefulBird - such beautiful poetry! Thank you!

    Ann - No cable here! I disconnected it when I started my diet,
    and never looked back! Now I have more time, and the $ monthly
    cash I save pays for my vacation in the Spring! Especially now with
    Hulu.... I never miss a thing!

    PS - Can you guess my age? Come on; try! It won't hurt my feelings
    is you guess wrong.

  12. You TOTALLY strike me as a Nia dancer! I have a friend who is an instructor and I wish I was attracted to it, but dance just isn't my thing.

  13. I think it's so cool that you're belly dancing. Awesome. I have a lot of belly to dance with. No matter what I do it's a belly dance. :)

  14. I could have been the belly dance King !!!!!

  15. Nobody puts Allan in a corner!
    *Think - Dirty Dancing ....*

    You'll always be THE King of the Dance!

  16. I really like the Nia and the idea of free dancing to music.

  17. Got an email notification that you left a comment on my post. For some reason, it doen't show up on my blog--but thanks anyway! I think it's the Intense Debate comment system I had on there. I've had all kinds of problems with it, so I finally just uninstalled it today. I'm doing low carb, as well, so I was excited to find your blog. Belly dancing sounds awesome, and I love that music. I think it's great to try stuff outside your comfort zone. Right now, my belly still "dances" every time I laugh! Once it diminishes somewhat, belly dancing is something I think I'd like to try, too.

  18. I'm not a cusser... just not my thing. But I've gotta admit, Anne, that Pathetic Person Blogger (aka Crap Blog Detective) brings out my Inner Cusser!!


    PS: what is even MORE pathetic is that he/she has followers... how pathetic must THEIR lives be... sitting here shaking my head in amazement!! I don't know if I should laugh or cuss!! Okay, I'll laugh. ;-)

  19. The temptation to respond -
    Kinda like eating chocolate cake....
    Try to not fall for it... or get sucked in...
    It's just an ego trick!

    I can cuss them to death, I assure you.
    But that kind of rant is just pathetic....sad...
    Typing errors and all.
    In form and in content.
    And it wasn't even true.
    The quintessential cry for help and all that....
    I tell them to beat their feet!
    And delete!

  20. Hey, my comment got cut off too. I wanted to say HOW RUDE that person was.

  21. Look on the bright side -
    He /she or it didn't call me a fattie, eh?
    That's something right there!

    After the year I've just had - nothing surprises me.
    And I really only want to learn that better way....
    Forgiving truly, madly, deeply...
    and let it all go!
    Poof - be gone - they have no power here!

    Thanks, everyone!

  22. You said "wee"!

    My influence has made it's presence, soon my work will be done.

  23. SheZug - you were my first comment on my first blog
    over 15 months ago! And how many pounds?

  24. lots of pounds lost AND gained on my end, you are doing great. Maybe I should fly home and see if you can rub some of whatever you got on me.


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