27 August 2010

be preparededed

Temptations abound
Trick or treatment - again

The office fridge is a happy mess.
With nothing at all to actually eat in there!

Laughing Cow Cheese at Sam's

Whoa, Nellie!
Bought alot of fish and chicken, too.

Really diggin the hair, still!
At Sally's. As we sally forth.

No stinkin' Sharks had better show up, Daddy-o!

Burn your britches behind you!

The end to another lovely, happy, day!
After one week of super-tight watching it, 
and three-half days of fasting,
*a modified version of ADF*
I rediscovered my happy place!
Don't things almost always look better in the morning?
After a good nights sleep? It might be ok, after all!
Hope your weekend is great for you!
Any big plans?
Please enjoy safe snacks!


  1. Love the laughing cow. And the horse made me laugh. I love the hair too. So do you have a FaceBook account?

  2. I do, but I don't know much about using FB!

  3. Things really do luck much better after some good sleep. I'm looking forward to an easy weekend. No big plans - just chilling after a bike ride.

    Hope you weekend is grand!

  4. I love the last photo, omg, it is just beautiful. I am still diggin the hair too. glad you are feeling so good. I think I have finally focused and today it was nice and cool when out walking, I will be good now until minus 20. have a great weekend Anne, thanks for always inspiring us.

  5. I bought laughing cow today too!! Have a great weekend.

  6. I ate some laughing cow today :) My mom always told me NEVER burn britches, hehe.

    Hope you have a super weekend.

  7. Sleep is amazingly healing for body and mind


  8. Wow, we BETTER get into shape, because it looks like when we (barely) flee from a fire, we're running UP the stairs! Some safety message ... love the Jets v Sharks reference. I once knew a girl named Maria ... The horse photo was the one that made me laugh involuntarily though, with your caption of buying fish and chicken "too" ... did you know if you try to hold in the laughter, because you are in the middle of a gulp of water, H2O will come out your nose?

  9. Clever clever Ann.
    I left the "too" caption on, even though
    it doesn't make any sense at all. Not even to me!

  10. Great sunset photo. And I am glad you are liking your hair.

  11. Nice sunset and I am glad you are loving your sexy hair!

  12. Awesome picture! Love it!

  13. Don't use elevator or stairs? Yeah...just stand there and burn up...give me an option people!


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