03 August 2010

this just in

The temp readings are taken in the shade....
Did you know?

And this is at 5 pm!
I think I felt a little breeze!

A truck hauling paper cups ran off the road on an overpass.
When it crashed, it caught on fire, and blocked traffic.....
...for years! 
The driver was ok - just shaken  - or stirred.

Then a little nail got in my tire. So Trucky had to go to the shop.
Air filter, fuel pump thing, oil change - all that stuff.

Small towns are always good for vintage details

I went in here to rest for a while....
No such luck. False advertising?

FroYo, anyone?
And some Sugar Free DaVinci Syrup
Kahlua flavored, and Irish Cream flavored.
No alcohol. Just anticipating coffee and cooler weather soon!

I bought some Danskins women's clothes for the Belly Dancing class.
And general working out. Guess what..... size medium pants.
The are (1) women's and (2) spandex
So they touch me - they are very form fitting.
Which is taking some getting used to.  

Ugh - when I heard the alarm this am
I thought "WTF is that?"
I didn't think - omg, time to get up.
I didn't think - omg, I've overslept.
(True, I did.)

I ate pistachio nuts all day long.
SF ginger ale w/protein
Too hot to cook.... too hot to eat.....
Too hot to trot....  Stay cool!

I hope your day was special and memorable...
And filled with happy times! All the best to you.


  1. I don't miss my alarm. I have to set it tomorrow. Boo!

    Great news on your medium Danskins! I can't wait for you to go belly dancing.

    I keep seeing the FroYo and I am starting to seriously crave it.

  2. Medium?! That is truly awesome, Anne! Congratulations!

    I think I was medium once, for about two weeks, in 8th grade. I basically went from small to large.

    That wasn't a breeze you felt. It was backdraft from the fireants, as they dig deeper into the ground, ooking for cool relief. Shoot, even the flag was trying to shade itself. Pitifully hot, those triple digits. You went right past "heatwave" and right into "oven" ...

    I just marvel that the lawn (pictured behind the temp gauge) is still green. It is trying to fool people, with its cool color.

    Hope the truck is back to operating condition. Its all good, as long as the air conditioner's compressor doesn't give out.

    Think cool thoughts ...

  3. What a day! Flat tires are a pain and they always happen when you really don't have time to deal with it. Hope tomorrow goes better!

  4. I love everything about size medium! Aren't you marvelous???? I like the photo of you beside the restroom...very flattering pose.

  5. Oh my it is hot there, we just had a rain storm go through and it was sunny but even a bit cool today although it is suppose to be very hot this weekend. You look great, hope you are able to sleep okay with all the heat.....:-)Hugs

  6. Gotta love getting a MEDIUM! Way to go.

  7. Oooo! Mediums! Woot wooooot!

    Gosh. I could not handle that kind of heat.

  8. Ah hah, you aren't used to your clothes "touching you". You are morphing so nicely.

  9. I guess I am done bitching about 95 degree days. You win !! All the best, and thanks !!!

  10. I would love some of that lovely warm weather about now!

  11. how do you survive the heat, anne?! it's my favorite thing to complain about in new york.

    isn't it a rule that you have to wear something midriff for a belling dancing class :)?

    i read recently that belly dancing is good for our reproductive system.

  12. i wish it was me that you saw!

  13. Yeah for Danskins. You're looking good. My sympathies on the heat. I don't believe I've ever endured that much heat...whew...I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

  14. Life in hell
    fingers sticking to keys
    back glued to chair
    baked people
    waiting for a breeze


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