05 August 2010

just ducky

A duck walks into a bar...
Wait - sorry - that's a different post.

Build your own stir-fry
First: a bowl

Pick your protein -
as much of any kind as you want

Add your spice or seasoning


They cook it right in front of you - as you like it
When it's done, they bang that gong!

Sumo Wrestler beer while you wait?
No thanks! Fair warning!

You can pick a starch - Rice, noodles, etc.
I picked tortillas so they wouldn't be in the mix proper.
And the ducks are waiting for the fall-out!

And look - an ad for Red Bull "Art Of  Can" at the Galleria!
Bet that's another post!

You get a set of chop-sticks to style your hair with.

Guess who is coming to dinner?
No - not duck soup!

Quack, Quack, Baby!

I had to look at myself in a full length mirror today,
Just to see if someone put a sign on my back.
Or I sat in something, or forgot to wear pants again!
(No, really! I checked!)
3 or 4 different people turned around to "check me out!"
And watched me walk past!
What in the *bleep* is up with that!?
(Sign - nope! Pants - check!)
Maybe they thought I had some bread for them! :D

I hope your week is "ducky"
And you know that you are 
all good things!


  1. Those cute ducks on the video -
    See how they run!

  2. A man walks into a bar....

    The next time he ducks...

    Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be here all week. Try the veal and be sure to tip your waitresses and bartenders!

  3. Seriously, only in Texas would there be a build your own stir fry!!!! I am looking forward to visiting there one of these days.

    Thanks for your comment comparing weight loss journeys to recital preparation. It was an intelligent comparison and made sense to the core of who I am. I really appreciated your insight!

  4. If your travels bring you to Dallas, Texas,
    We should all meet up for good food and coffee and stuff!

  5. This is a first for me to see, build your own stir fry......excellent idea though.....:-)Hugs

  6. I want Genghis Grill! and those duckies are adorable!

  7. Quackers, Anne you are quackers :P

  8. You know, in the first picture (w/the ducks), the duck's beak actually looks a bit like Goofy - Cool (or as my teenage daughter would say..."Sweet".

  9. We have the mongolian grill here in Canada that you build your own stir fry!!
    They love your butt kiddo :)

  10. Build your own stir fry sounds most excellent. I especially like the gong and if I am ever looking for a job, it will be gonger. I think it would be great fun.

    I definitely think people are checking you out because you are HOT!

  11. I love ducks. There are duck crossing signs around here. Also, ducks tend to congregate at the local library. I guess that makes this a pretty special place.

    re: the staring

    Two possibilities:

    1) They wondered about the chopsticks in your hair.

    2) They recognized you from here. You're a superstar, Anne! Embrace it! :-)

  12. Cherish that grill!
    We had one like that in Seattle
    Liz and I met there often
    for lunch
    Now it's a Mexican place

  13. We have a genghis grill here and it is great. I eat too much though. It is all you can eat so of course I think that is what I should do.

  14. Ah, there's the rub!
    TechnoBabe - you are spot on!
    Just the sodium alone would choke a pony.

  15. Nothing like Asian food with tortillas. Keeping it real at 110 degrees in Texas... And, hey, Nice ass..

  16. Your hair looks awesome with chopsticks.... I was pumping gas in 98 degrees here in Georgia and saw a woman with hair like yours and did a double take.

    I don't like looking at raw meat, otherwise that build your own stir fry looks promising.

  17. Cute post :)

    Being checked out is great!!

  18. I love the way the duckies came a running to you. I'm sure you are being checked out by more than your fine feathered friend :)

  19. Best duck... Joe's Shanghai in Flushing, NY.. Peking style with sliced cucumbers and a little hoison sauce in homemade crepes... Yummy...
    Oh, wrong blog, so sorry...

  20. Genghis Grill for stir-fry sounds like my kind of place. YUM! We have a Genghis Cohen Restaurant here-- Kosher Chinese food ;-)
    Have a fun weekend.
    xo jj


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