07 August 2010

little egypt



Little Egypt? Looked pretty big to me.
A great store with everything you could imagine.
It has the ambiance of a museum or gallery.
And the people who work there are awesome!

It was an overwhelming find, just a few miles from my apartment.
Getting ready for the Belly Dancing class Monday evening!
No cluck-clucks here - it's still on...
Finger cymbals and all!

Cleaning and laundry this weekend.
Maybe some shopping.
Clean up my dwelling so I can concentrate better.
Life changes are coming so fast, it seems.
I don't want to be constantly on-guard.
Or caught off-guard, either!

Hope you are having a "balanced" weekend!
Not too much, not too little, but "Just Right!"


  1. You go to the most interesting places. I bet you have a big gas bill...LOL

  2. For work, I do drive.... alot...
    Frequently over 100 miles a day!
    But this cute shop was just a few miles
    from my apartment!
    Who knew?

  3. Great store, good find huh. Glad you are still doing the belly dancing classes. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it.

  4. I need to come live with you for awhile...
    You see the coolest things...

  5. it's good to know that there is a place to get a spare Ra god.

  6. Hmmm, what fantastic thing is Anne up to today? I need to get out and about and share some pictures too! I like your comment - Clean up my dwelling so I can concentrate better.

    That is so true. I feel I can concentrate better once my habitat is clean. Have a good one.

  7. I think better w/less clutter: this sometimes drives my husband and daughter bonkers! But, they know, "if Momma ain't happy, no one is happy!" So they accommadate :)

    Very cool shop. So...will we be seeing a belly dancing video w/ANNE H. as the main dancer soon?

  8. I broke out into "Walk like an Egyptian" while I read this post! :)

  9. It's official! I'm living vicariously through you and your belly dancing class. What fun that will be! The shopping alone is great-- The class should be a blast.

    Happy weekend Anne! xo jj

  10. I took a belly dancing class, it was alot of fun!


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