16 August 2010

I don't mind mondays

I thought I had gained a wee little bit....
My scrubs were tight....
Turns out, they were smalls.....
And I wear a medium.  And the smalls were snug!

Nice pastel shoes for Autumn

Jazz ballet shoes for belly dancing class
The black one on the top shelf

Bend over, turn your head to the left, and

The "official" breakfast of corporate America
Official as in office. Or orifice.

Eat at the New Big Wong

Can't decide?  First try one, then the other!
Oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends!  ♬♫♪♫

Business as usual, eh?
This year and last July (4 months into LoCarb)
I got a fetching new lab jacket today!

Lots of change going on these days.
Everyone's favorite nurse was found dead 
in her apartment. It's still hot outside.
My immediate boss was let go. 
 And I worked too late to go to class tonight.
Probably just as well. Insert *sigh* here.
But nothing triggered that familiar feeling 
of impending doom - aka anxiety.
Why? Cuz I can do hard things.
Right, Dana

Boomtown Rats
I Don't Like Mondays
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Where the ham sandwich did you find this song? LOL! Personally, I choose Esther's Steakhouse (mmm, steak). Love the pic comparison. It's an encouragement-I still feel stalled and my glucose levels were a bit wacky.

    Thanks for the reminder-it works.

    P.S: You're looking great!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the nurse. Hope your next boss is good.
    Love that song.

  3. Thanks - the staff at the facility was so upset -
    They had to have a bereavement counselor come
    to debrief them. Fortunately, we just happen to have one on hand!

  4. sorry to hear about the nurse. Boss changes are always stressful. I feel ya about anxiety!!

  5. Gosh I'm sorry to hear of the nurse, what happened? Your looking good sweetie....:-)Hugs

  6. She was like 26. Might have been the heat.
    Or some rare disease. A real shock!

  7. Oh Anne, that is horrible about the nurse, no doubt it was a shock. that is very sad. you are really looking good my friend. I love the pic, I will choose Esthers Steakhouse, can't imagine them being side by side. Thinking of you with the changes at work. take care. be well.

  8. sigh indeed.
    i'm so sorry to hear those things, anne.

    oh boy do i know about anxiety.
    the impending kind is the worst.

  9. Oh my Anne. Sending lots of hugs your way.

  10. Now accepting on-line hugs, indeed!
    Thanks, y'all!

  11. ((hugs)) for losing 2 colleagues, albeit in different ways.

    And well done on the smalls being snug but being on!!

  12. Three's I tell you, three's.. Stay cool and on your toes.. Condolences....

  13. Holy Cow....no pun intended. Do I know that feeling of impending doom. Nip it! That's what I try to do.

    Sorry about the fave nurse, but now that position needs to filled. Step up my Friend!Seriously, you know how I hate change. Sending good thoughts your way. We really can do hard things!

  14. That is rough to go through. I lost 2 co- workers over the years like that-didn't show up for work and found dead in their apts. So sad.

    On the other hand-thanks for the comparison pic. you are doin great.

  15. You are glowing this year. You really look great.

  16. Did McButter tell you their is an opening to be filled... And they say I am insensitive and mean.. I almost crapped myself.... Too funny..

  17. Three's indeed! Good thing you got a drive-by blessing from the concrete statue! I'm sorry for your loss - the passing of such a young and beloved nurse is awful. (Who helps the grief counselor?) And I hope your new boss is a good one! Cyber hugs, and a hearty well done - that 2009-2010 photo comparison is really amazing. What fun to see !! I'd make a comment about the Big Wong, but that would be wong of me. Cheeky, aren't I? Stay cool and limber, the next belly dance class isn't far off ...

  18. OMG where are those cute fall shoes. I want a pair!

  19. Hey, I know the Libertine! It's one of my kiddos favorite places.

    I'm so sorry to hear about all the upheaval(sp) going on yesterday. My goodness. I am happy to read that you are soldiering on - empathetic, but not taking it all on as yours.

  20. Jazz ballet shoes
    are SO you!

    Sorry about
    favorite nurse
    What happened
    Feel your feelings


  21. I'm starting to love reading all the comments Anne...I could string a few lines together to create a whole other story :)

    "Holy Cow"

    "Drive by Blessing by the concrete statues"

    "losing in different ways"

    "where the ham sandwich did you find that song"

    "almost crapped myself"

    "that would be wong of me"


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