02 August 2010

heat wave

Hot temps continue in North Texas

120 in the truck. Had to switch hair products.
The wax was actually melting in the sun!

A little warmish for coffee - but just right for sugar-free fro yo!

Don't melt your "pupsicle"

The crops grow right up to the buildings.
In this case, near a Hospital!

What kind of bird makes a nest this big?
Big Bird?

Back to school in Life's Classroom


An old movie projector - 
Makes light and heat!
(And how!)

What-A-Burger is my new fave late-night indulgence.
They are giving away freebies for their 60th year soiree

Still no Monster
Protein with SF Ginger Ale
Coffee with cream 
This bbq hamburger no bun
(Even with the bun, it's only +/- 60 G carb)
Snack pack of nuts
FroYo from Sugarless deLite
PowerAde Zero
Water water water
I did pretty good, actually!
Belly dancing class Monday night - 
unless I chicken out (cluck, cluck, baby!)

Hope your weekend was awesome -
And your week is full of good times!
Happy soiree to you! ☺


  1. this central texan drank way too much powerade yesterday.
    from her trunk.

  2. It's way too hot in there!
    Powerade, or not -
    Someone had better let you out of that trunk!
    Stay cool, Miz Fit!

  3. Fro Yo??? Is that yours or am I out of it and everyone is calling it that now? 120F in the truck is enough for heat stroke for us older folks, good thing you are a youngster. I haven't ever seen a What-A-Burger. No no no cluck cluck.

  4. Oh Anne, don't chicken out of the belly dancing class! I went for several semesters (I wasn't very good and had to keep repeating the basic class). It was one of the most freeing, fun and body positive things I've ever done. Seriously. I recommend lessons or attending events as being a real place to see beauty in all shapes and sizes. Plus, those women are having a GOOD time. And there are sparkles! What fun is that?

    I'll try to dig back through my archives, but there is a belly-dance/dance/high camp and vamp event that was Ah-mazing to see. I think they are local - I'll have to go through my archives to see if I can find them. I totally wanted to join!

    Have a great day and thanks for your supportive email. I appreciate it.

  5. Oy, another What-A-Burger post. Salivating here, need napkins - hurry!

  6. There is a WAB a few towns north of us, I think it is # 11. (They numbered 'em) It is a very popular place, so I tried it once. I thought it was okay, but didn't touch the butter burgers of Wisconsin (tried those on a trip, and have been dreaming about 'em ever since)! --- I've been looking forward to your post-belly dancing class post, so you better not chicken out! You don't know how much you like it, until you try it. Besides, what a cool (and unexpected) story you'll have to tell for the rest of your life ... "Did I ever tell you about the time I took belly dancing lessons?" It would be worth THAT, if nothing else! Do it for the rest of us, Anne. Related to belly dancing, do any of you try (in the privacy of your living rooms), following along with FitTV's "Shimmy" ... part belly dance lesson, part fun exercise, part fantasy (because if you don't look in a mirror, and just watch the gorgeous dancers, you can fool yourself that you look JUST like that)!!?? FUN ...

  7. get thee to the belly dancing class!!!!
    we dont have whataburgers that Im aware of in NY, and no sf froyo for me since im still on induction! i have froyo envy heehhe

  8. Go shake what your mama gave you! It will be so fun and think of all the photo ops.

    What-A-Burger is the cutest burger place EVER. I want to go there and have a bunless burger.

    Wax in the hair? All has now been revealed. I don't know anything about hair products as I have about 12 hairs still hanging on and they just hang there.

  9. Can't wait to see the belly dancing Monday! Don't buck buck out.

    Wish I could hair-do my hair like yours...hmmm, gotta try wax!

  10. Guess you don't want to hear we're in the 80's and I had mittens on Saturday night.

    Keep cool. Did you have to go gel instead of wax? I use wax, too, to keep my bangs from sticking up.

  11. You will do great at belly dancing and it will be fun......I thought it was hot here but we are nothing compared to Texas......:-) Hugs

  12. Good luck at belly dancing class! Can't wait to hear about it! :)

  13. I went with this super gel
    that they use for Mohawks....
    Called "Defying Gravity" - as in Wicked!
    It really holds -
    but ya gotta be careful
    when you go to hug someone....
    *ouch* you could poke them!

  14. Yes...I contributed greatly to the profits of Whataburger when I lived in D-town...oy.

  15. Never thought about the heat melting hair product, but dang, it was hot enough in College Station today to do that - at one point my car read 104 - and a bottle of water that I left in it all afternoon was burning hot when I tried to sip it. Should have taken your lead and gone for the froyo!

  16. Please don't send your heat this way!


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