14 August 2010


True dat - now the "outside" needs updating!
My apartment is a mess - 
Like a crime scene.
(No, really - it is!)

Time to break (out) the ice and chill!
My computer is slow from all the files
and pics that need catagorized!

Maybe a few days protein fast.
One or two days a month I cut out all fat intake.
Maybe some cleaning and organizing.

What a cool name for a protein powder.
Wait - it says "MASS" - not "ASS"

I was going to go to a hotel/motel with ice-cold air-conditioning,
room-darkening shades, old movies and a swimming pool.

But I didn't want to mess up my new hair style/color!
(In the pool.)
Now that I am a "diva" and all.
It's like the C25K program...
I call it the "Divan 2 Diva" program!

Besides, my own apartment has all those amenities,
PLUS a gym, and a kitchen!
So I'll stay here, and bank the money I would have spent.
And apply it to my REAL vacation fund.
Next time.

Hope you are getting things done -
Or just chilling and letting things be!
We need both, at times!


  1. Divan 2 Diva! LOL! Not for me. I think I may have purchased that Ass protein in error. It would explain a lot.

    I don't mind the staycation part of my time off, but now that I have let go of my current crazy I am ready for the vacation part to start on Monday...except for that getting up at 4 a.m. thing.

    Have fun on your staycation...are you going to start wearing stilletos with your bathing suit?

  2. OOOhhhh, I get to be first post! Now that's C O O L !

    Stay* cation you make everything uncool C O O L :)

    Feel better already!

  3. Ohh stupid google made me sign in with password and all ...next time

  4. Kimberly - that's the
    "Steel Toes 2 Stilettos" program.
    It starts next month.
    (Bathing suit- optional!)

  5. Heee Hee you know I'm just joking :) :)

  6. There are just two problems with staycations. 1. People can still reach me, and 2. all those little endless household projects keep taunting me to do something, instead of leaving me alone to rest. Umpf. Great photos, especially of the ice ad ... for restaurants, hotels, clubs, special events and ... concrete?!! You guys really know how to cool your sidewalks down there. Since you supply concrete with ice, it begs the question, iIs the ice imported or domestic? haha

  7. We use the ice on the concrete
    after we fry eggs on the sidewalk
    to prove how hot it really is outside!

  8. Divan 2 Diva sounds like the perfect program for me. Think I will try that before the C25K. Love the smiling picture of you. You look so happy (despite the heat). BTW, did anyone ever tell you that you really suit being a blonde. I keep forgetting to tell you that I like the name of your blog too...Carb Tripper...I am always singing Day Tripper when I get to your blog...hmmm, the Beatles - love them too.

  9. I surprised myself today and got caught up on lots of things I had been putting off. Guess I have some energy after all. I like your hair cut. Sounds like it is still unbearably hot in your part of Texas now. It has cooled down to the 80s here. Much better and humidity only in the 50s. Yes!

  10. When I first saw the ASS/ Mass protein Jar..I thought it was a picture of a Bass fish and it was a protein made from Bass...ewh!


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