20 August 2010

a mid-summer night's dream

Look who showed up at work yesterday....
No - she's not the Wendy's chick!

It's Raggedy Ann and Andy!

When my own Mother was ill, they gave her last rites.
(This was long ago.)
But the Hospital Chaplin was in a training exercise that day.
He showed up, covered with Moulage! Fake blood everywhere.
Which is how medical people train for emergencies. Link here!
I have a high tolerance for the ridiculous and the sublime.

Parking Lot Angel

In case we forget which end goes "up."
This is the American version - hence the flag, I guess.
Your milage may vary.

Gave away my What-A-Burger gift card. 
My mechanic looked hungry that day.

Trucky also had a near-miss...
*An "auto-body" experience!?*
This massive tree thing almost fell on her.
Landed right in our usual parking spot. 
And I could have had a new truck.
But nooooo!

Trucky also went on low-carburetor diet.
And look at the difference. Before and after! 
Now she's sporting a sleek fuel-injected look.
Less gas-guzzling. Better all-around performance.
I think she lost a ton! (hee hee)
Ready to go on another road trip!

Why, hello there!
Then, this hello kitty entity emerged from the sky.
Give us a little kiss, eh?

This is the "12th night" I've worked late.
Really, it's "much ado about nothing."
Certainly not an outrageous fortune!
Maybe just some slings and arrows.
Ah - "all's well that ends well."

A "comedy of errors" is more ("as you) like it."
Or "Love's Labour's Lost - then Won!"
This just in:
Did well with the modified fast today....
Maybe a little TOO fast....
I got a speeding ticket!
But the eating was good, at any rate.
Hope your weekend is fabulous!
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind"
A Midsummer Night's Dream (link)


  1. You are so witty! When you come to Cali next year where are you going? If it is any where near me I want to meet up with you!

  2. I dressed up as Raggedy Ann in high school. Great fun.

    Great post.

  3. Cool pic of the kitty in the sky! I love it! While growing up that was one of my absolutely favorite past times (actually still is) - finding all the faces & objects in the clouds: I'd draw them on a large cardboard I had...wish I still had it!

    Even my 5 year old will now say "Look Mom, I see a ____ in the clouds." Very cool.

  4. I like the parking lot angel. I am on the lookout for angels everywhere I go.

  5. Hope you didn't have too big a fine.

  6. A speeding ticket?!?!?! !@#$%! I hate when that happens. Speed traps are all over Los Angeles these days. I think they're how the city is trying to balance their budget. Sorry you got pinched.

    Have a great weekend Anne. xo jj

  7. Great story with pictures, I need to go on the diet that the truck was on.....looking good my friend....:-) Hugs

  8. Great stories as usual, loved the Raggedy Ann and Andy. take care have a wonderful weekend. smiles.

  9. LOL, the truck on low card...
    Raggedy Ann and Andy, big part of my first years, but, Andy wasn't quite as rough looking as I recall him.

    Have a good weekend!

  10. Awh, I love Raggedy Ann! I haven't heard about Raggedy Ann in forever

  11. I'm just not seeing Hello Kitty...my imagination is flat lining. :(

    I need it to be super obvious like the trucks side by side. The low "carburetor diet" / "loosing a ton" comment was fast! You should get a speeding ticket for your quick-witted ways. I believe someone is looking out for you and truckie...conveniently not there when the tree branch falls???... Someone pulling you over to do a little paperwork???

    I think that parking lot angel saved the day!


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