29 August 2010

correction - not punishment

Many people ask how I take my pics for my blog.
(Ok. A couple of people have asked.)
Especially the driving ones.
It's all in the editing.
Like anything else.

As a blog friend once said,
"How do you create a statue of an elephant?
You trim away all the parts that don't look like an elephant."
Most of my pics start out as a lop-sided blob of potential.
Kind of like my own weight-loss journey.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
~ Michelangelo

Most of my pics don't even have the benefit of aim!
I always strive for safety. Sometimes I drive around the block 
to get an especially cool shot. Time and traffic permitting.

I don't photoshop pictures, except for maybe 
a slight adjustment in contrast or exposure.
But I don't change the HTML or
make one picture look heavier or skinnier.
I don't have those kind of skills, besides!

That's all actual.
I actually couldn't get out of the bathtub without getting on all fours.
Actually picking a metal chair 'cuz a plastic chair might break.
Actually not wanting to fly 'cuz the seat belt won't latch.

Some of these "before and after" shots are pngs or screen shots.
(Mac command is command shift 4 )
Or you can make a montage in photobucket. (link)
Regular photobucket is free. 
I use the "pro" edition for the extra features.
It's maybe a couple of bux a month. (link)

These are pictures and screen shots, done on my MacBook.
A Mac is good because it will intuitively learn you.
And there are almost no viruses on a Mac.
Still, I use Clam X to keep the machine from 
even carrying a virus to someone else.

Recently, I did have a funky program downloaded.
 But I called Apple 
at 1 800 MY- APPLE (link)
and they talked me through a fix.
Some dumb non-Mac program was wrecking havoc!
Boo! But it's all better now! Yay!
Have a great Sunday!
Get lots of rest to
start the new week!


  1. I am working to edit my thoughts and keep the ones that help.
    And drop the ones that don't help.
    Maybe it's thoughts that weigh us down, in the first place!

  2. Ejamication Ottay Panky !!! Tanks !!!

  3. "...a lop-sided blob of potential."

    Ha ha, just how I am feeling today.

    I LOVE my Mac. Had it for almost 10 years. Never a virus, never crashed. I think it's smarter than I am! ;-)

    I do most of my dinking around in Photoshop Elements, the poor man's version of Photoshop.

    I wondered, too, how you took the pics around town. Thanks for 'splaining, it was interesting.


  4. Thoughts can make us or break us. Like you, I keep only the healthy thoughts and if I can't work through other ones I kick them out and lock the door.

  5. Hope your Sunday rocks, Anne! 'nough said! :-)

  6. Actuallys are the reason not to stop, right Anne? I'm actually not going to. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful Monday.

  7. Well whatever you do, you do it RIGHT!

  8. Thanks for the compliment. Hey I really wanted to give the award to you but you don't have a section from other awards, so I thought you don't do them. Do you?

  9. Working on Editing my thoughts takes time and patience. Looks like you have the picture editing down pat!! makes me want a Mac

  10. Keep on doing whatever it is you do with your pictures - they are always a real treat. no doubt you put a good deal of effort into it, it shows.

  11. Lesia - thanks for the kind words!
    I don't really do the awards.....
    Or not do them.
    They just can cause such stress.
    I love them all.
    Being thought of by my fellow bloggers is a real honor.
    That's the real award!

  12. Really enjoying your blog Anne. I always read everything twice (or maybe thrice) because the quirkiness sinks in better that way. thanks!!!

  13. Nice job cropping (and maybe a little rotating?)

    You have the eye for interesting shots
    and are certainly not camera shy

    Your pictures always intrigue me
    send me on a journey of similies
    like music and dance
    your photos and words meld
    together most agreeably


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