31 August 2010

small town justice

Even the sky is bigger in Texas
(Cue the Simpson's music)

Made myself wear clothes that *yikes* touch me.
Even stripes. Medium pants are almost too big.

Feel like a convict, or a sailor, one.
Two old friends walked right past me.... again....
Didn't recognize me!

Took the day off to pay my ticket.
The town I got a ticket in is so small,
they don't have online accommodations.

Didn't stop. Tempting - but no 

Not the courthouse

Not the courthouse, either!

Soooo close

Probably the courthouse

The small town on the way to the small town courthouse

This just in: Pork Rind HQ. And Beef Jerky. Nuts.

Oh, so typical small-town life

Gone With The Wind!


  1. Like I was there, waiting for the fire to start, burning the old Lady down...

  2. Sorta - now that you mentioned it!
    I got some "real" pork rinds in a little store!
    Pork Rind headquarters, that.

  3. Beechnut sliced bacon, hummmm??? I will have to check the shelves and see if we carry that flavor of baby food!!!

  4. I hate it when clothes touch me...ick.

    Your picks make me think..."What we have here, is a failure to communicate."

    One of the best movies evah!

  5. I know, right?
    Taking it off here, boss!
    Just dealng with da man.

  6. What? No picture with the magistrate, after you paid your ticket? I thought that was a small town must ... well, you DID wear clothes that actually touch you, so that may have been off-putting. Fiddle - dee - dee, indeed! Glad you stopped for authentic pork rinds. The fake ones may give you the vapors! :D

  7. Nah - It was "no contest!"
    The clerk let me have deferred adjudication....
    After I go to defensive driving school.

    And vapors? In the Army that meant something else

  8. So they didn't lock you up :) Their loss!!

  9. Hey you little itty bitty thing you. clothes that touch.....maybe someday for me....I am still thinking much better for you. you look great in color, have to love your friends walking by you. when my Mom lost a whole bunch of weight she would have to stop in front of the mirror as she would go past. she was so different she did not recognize herself. I hope someday I don't recognize my own behind....lol. take care.

  10. You look GREAT in clothes that actually touch you. :)
    Love the pictures (as usual). And speaking of bacon, look up Tactical Bacon. I must buy some!

  11. Pork Rinds. I have tasted them before...but what makes me people go...ummmm, going to get me some pork rinds...just the name alone!! ugh.

    Too funny about friends walking past!

  12. You have to love small towns...LOL

  13. How could a small town in Texas
    look so much like a small town
    in Minnesota or Washington?

    I love the sign collage
    Hooray for signs!

    I don't love the point of purchase
    stuff at gas stops
    vapors indoors and out

    You look great in red
    AND horizontal stripes
    AND size medium pants
    AND clothes that touch you!

  14. And just WHERE is the photo of said Courthouse!!!

  15. Hi Boldi-locks... You look so perky and spunky in the red stripes! You should wear sassy colors more often. :-)


  16. Pictures are worth thousands of words. Thanks for sharing your good humor with all of us. You rock!


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