28 August 2010

little quilts and gravatars

....OK ....
It happens to all of us, from time to time.
You go to a site, 
(wordpress has this)
and you type a comment....

But a little gray person, or a quilt comes up,
instead of your sweet face or lovely icon!

"What's up with that, Nurse Anne?"
You query. Well....

That is maybe because the site uses a  "gravatar."
That's a link, by the way. (A different color is often a link.)

You can set up your own free account!
So now you know how to get your cute face added
to the millions of happy, peppy people's comment icons!

It won't change the blogger/blogspot icon.
Just for when you go to other formats.
And don't forget to clear your cache!
Or you won't see the update!

PS- I am no more a computer person than I am a diet expert.
I am just a fatty, sharing info with like-minded phatty people
who just might want to know! Lovingly 
sharing as it was once shared with me.

But if you want some good advice, I have that too:

Don't eat shirts!
And oh - the carbs - 
Especially if they have heavy starch!


  1. Hope you are having a great Saturday night!

  2. If I add my face to the comments they will know whom to hate when we meet. Can I use your picture ?

  3. Sure - the green one?
    The weasel is my personal fave!
    What a cutie!

  4. Let's see if I did it right.....

  5. Not a problem on my end. smile.

  6. do shirts qualify as carbs??

  7. Too funny!! Thanks for the oh so important advice! ;)

  8. Shirts are a source of fiber, eat away i say.

  9. Be honest - Do these buttons make my butt look big?

  10. Cute dog in the previous blog (being a lazy commenter!).

    Great advice :)

  11. I'm better off now than a year ago -
    ... or am I?

  12. You are not a fatty my dear. You are a recovering fatty. Big difference. I am about six months behind you. I am in fatty limbo.

  13. Heavy Starch! Again with the obvious and I didn't even see that on my own. You get me laughing everyday! These belly laughs have burned through some serious calories. Thanks girlfriend :)


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