09 August 2010

belly dancing class

I did it!
I lived through the class, that is!

Sneak Peek Preview!

The previous class - more advanced

Now it's our turn.
They didn't say ballet was a prerequisite.
But the instructor said "Second Position" 
And every one (but me) knew what to do.

Each body part was isolated - one by one.
I have yet to develop that kind of muscular control.
But I tried each shimmy and shake!
I never took my eye off the instructor.
Except to look at the mirror.
Posture is everything!

Neophyte classmates!
Note that I had on two shirts.

I was the oldest and the heaviest one in the glass.... by far...
I need "Jazz Shoes" - everyone else wore ballet slippers, or went barefoot.
Pics like this make me think that I must start my own 
WeightLoss journey again every day. Just like it was the first day.
I've got a ways to go, yet.

"When I look in the mirror
And the only one there is me,
Every freckle on my face
Is where it's supposed to be...
My foot, my thighs, my lips my eyes,
I'm loving' what I see!"
India Arie

"True Peace is not something that is bestowed upon you...
It is the state of Mind you cultivate within you..."

Class was late - got out at 945 pm
Home after 10 pm
Makes for a long day - 12,000 + steps...
But it's a "good" kind of tired!
I'm glad I went!

Onward and downward!
I hope your day and week are filled with happy times!
Be gentle with yourself - it's all good!


  1. Good for you!
    Get those shoes...

  2. YEAH FOR YOU!!!! And are you kidding me-- You look tiny and adorable in your belly dancing skirt. I'm really proud of you for taking this class and I bet you end up loving it! It's probably a really good workout too :-)
    Woo-hoo! xo jj

  3. Glad you had fun!

    And I love that India Arie quote :)

  4. Oh wow! This is something I've wanted to try for ages... Shakey shakey! ;o)

  5. Anne you are awesome, I thought you looked great in your outfit, I do this sometimes on the tv , well not on the tv...I would break it, there is a show called Shimmy . I just love it. Get the shoes, you are so outgoing, I love that about you. be well, I AM catching up on some of your previous posts. Hugs.

  6. very cool.
    Ive still not gotten up the .... gumption to go.

  7. Fantabulous... Just going to the class is amazing...In that heat also... Wow, very cool...

  8. One of the things I have enjoyed about seeing the experienced belly dancers is that they have some pounds on them, they aren't skinny limbs. You don't look larger than your classmates and I hope you really did have fun.

  9. India Arie knows what she is talking about. You look great!

    Sometimes at yoga, I am three times the size of some of the other participants. I don't think about it...I just mind my own yoga and celebrate what my body can do.

    I am so happy you went and I love your hip scarf!

  10. Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life and you sure know how to show up and shake it up! Thanks for another wonderful adventure Anne and I too love the India Arie quote. Was that posted at the dance studio?
    Looks like a fun and loving place.

  11. Ah, a new career in belly dancing is opening up to you. A lesson today, your own studio tomorrow - what you going to call it?

  12. You look like you fit right in :)

  13. glad you went, brave mama! looks like a lot of fun!

  14. Oh, I just loved this so much!! I laughed, I cheered you, and found I was jealous and wished I was there with you!! So much fun and new adventures. :-)


  15. Looks like you had a fun time. It does look like a fun time. I do enjoy my Bollywood. I stink at it and am not graceful, but I enjoy it.

    Do not hound yourself for what is left. Keep your eye on how far you've come and be proud. That is where you find your strength and power. So, I've learned. :)

    I may have stumbles left before I succeed, but I hold my head up proud. I had the guts and one day it will pay off.

  16. Drats - no!
    I didn't get to see the President.
    But I did get to get stuck in traffic
    for what seemed like a very long time!
    That's gotta count for something!

  17. looks like you had fun!!! good for you! I love the saying you took a picture of, may we all read it and feel it in our hearts and souls. I am loving what I see when I look in the mirror, wow thats a whopper of a statement!!

  18. love this post and the photos!

  19. You look great and I just love that you put yourself out there with belly dancing - that's really brave.


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