31 May 2010

then and now

June 09: size 2x and 3x  [archive link]

May 10: size med (almost a small!)
The much - promised comparison shot!

June 09  [archive link]
(again with the 44's??)

Like settling into to a new apartment,
I am "settling in" to my "new" body....
A few improvements here - adornments there....

We all learn as we go
We all do the best we can
It's always a journey of adjustments.

What I thought would make me happy - 
didn't. I can't even fool myself any more.
Much less any one else.

I am trying to be gentle and patient with myself,
As I learn what works and what doesn't work.
Forgiving, but not indulgent.
I would be gentle, loving and patient with you, 
And I am, more so than with myself right now.
But I am learning that, too.

Every pound is a thousand days of self-loathing,
And hate and fear of getting too close...
Every pound on, and every pound off.
Pounds can not define us,
Or join us, or keep us apart.

Thank you for reading !

Sick in bed with some kind of flu vs cold
Hot tea and the like all day....
A few bites here and there - no actual meal
I'm miserable, actually.
Just in case you wondered.
Nurses make the worst patients.
This can't be right - can it?

Hope your day is going well!
No need for everyone to be miserable, eh?


  1. Oh, I hate it that you are miserable. I hope you feel better soon.

    Wise words you have posted, Anne. Gentle and patient is the way to go.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. Amazing transformation!

  3. It's a not-so secret message from the Universe that
    I need to get my sh!t together asap!

    So it's back to sending out happy thoughts!
    Anyone care to join me in a chorus of Kumbaya?
    Just askin'...

  4. Oh you'd better be feeling better soon!!! Or else :)
    It's amazing the journey that you have taken. And if you think about it you've only just begun.
    Kumbaya my lord..... You really don't want to hear me sing.

  5. I'm sorry you're sick. Hope it's just a little bug and you're better soon.

    Truly amazing pics! And such wise words...pounds can't define us, indeed.

  6. Wow...your transformation is both dramatic and profound. No matter what struggles you are currently experiencing, there is much to celebrate from where you've come.

    I certainly hope you heal up right quick! Is that what they say in Texas?

  7. Only thing is this -
    I realized I was once a fat jerk
    Now I'm just a jerk!
    I took myself with me -
    And here I am!
    Still got some major work to do -
    Inside and out.

  8. you n me both, Anne.. i'm sick in bed all day today too!! Buckley's liquigels have been my mainstay.

    i think i hear ya saying..what I'm figuring out.. that fixing the outside, doesn't fix the inside.. i want to fix both. yanno?

  9. Kumbaya my lord...



    See, this is why I don't carry-yokie.

    Be well you old grouch. ;-)

    Eat some chicken soup (without the carby noodles!)

  10. Amy -
    We don't have Buckley's Liqugels here.
    Could you sent a trustee Mountie here with some?

    But I did take some Potassium and it helped. (dehydrated?)
    And the hottest shower in the world. (shivering)

    Seriously though, yes; I ardently desire to fix both.

  11. You don't strike me as being a jerk at all...the Kumbaya had me laughing.

    Love the then and now shots. Amazing!

    Love the Monster t-shirt.

    You are so right about having to work on the outside and the inside. You are right about a lot of things.

    I will see if I can find a Mountie who delivers. I know people.

    Feel better soon! Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.

  12. I hope you are feeling better anne, what a shame to be sick over a holiday weekend.

    I am still amazed at how much weight you lost, you have been so disciplined....something I could use for sure.

    Wish I were closer, I'd make you some chicken soup....(oops not sure you would eat it) Be well my friend.......:-) Hugs

  13. Very well done, Anne!

    You rock! :-)

  14. JP - my Harry:
    I thought of you when I posted this last year's shirts picture!
    You have always been there for me from the very start.
    Thank you!

  15. totally and entirely amazing and inspiring.


  16. hope you are feeling better now my dear friend...

    p.s. yeah that t-shirt is cool

    love always xoxoxoxo

  17. No one can change your feelings about yourself. I hope you learn to accept and love yourself inside and out.

  18. Wow, Anne! I had noticed in your recent photos that your clothes looked big on you. Amazing job! Yes, it takes adjusting.

    I have noticed getting myself stronger on the outside makes me much stronger on the inside. I see confidence in my eyes these days. Those are the changes I appreciate most and am most grateful for.

  19. Oh Anne.... Being sick sucks. I hope you are on the mend soon. You know my advice would be chicken soup for what ails you. I don't think there are carbs in chicken soup.

    And since I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I want every one to know that as great as you look in your pictures, you look even better and you're TINY in real life! And I mean that-- Your skin is beautiful and your new small shape is reallllllly small-- like petite small. (I think you wear a medium because you like your scrubs on the big side?) Oh yeah, and you have great hair and beautiful eyes too! I don't thank all that shows in your post. And neither does the kindness in your voice-- with that soft hint of Texas accent and the way you look a person in the eyes when you talk to them..... I could go on and on cuz I'm here cheering on your success!!! So take a break and pat yourself on the back. We'll be singing Kumbaya in the background as you take it one step at a time.
    YEAH YOU!!! xo jj

  20. Wow, Anne, the pics are an inspiration. Sorry you are sick - I hope you feel better soon. Lots of hot tea with lemon is my prescription. XXX

  21. Hope you are feeling better today.

  22. got me thinking, we can change our outsides, but it's still me inside... I had better start workin on that... I have lots to do...

  23. I have a theory. There are a lot of other intelligent life forms in the universes, but they avoid our planet. Why? We are the creepy species. We are immature, bratty, self-centered, and rude...even the nice ones among us. Even when we're kind, we are aware of our kindness and act as if we deserve a reward.

    I hope you feel better soon! (That's me being kind...now where is my gold star?) O lordy. Sometimes it sucks to be human.

    -your anon admirer

  24. Trying to catch up with blogs so I'm a little late. Just want to say that you look beautiful. :)


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