16 May 2010

glutton free

It's always a good day for a salad!
I buy a big bag from Sam's and split it up with my neighbors.
Want some? 
A little snack!
SF blueberry jelly, cream cheese, natural pb, and steel-cuts oats.
"Steel-cut oats," you query?
"Yes!" I reply.  Just a wee bit.
LoCarb is not "NO carb."

Even Atkins wrote that you shouldn't stay in Induction Phase forever.
There's Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance phases, (me)
and Maintenance phases, as well.

Trying different types of protein to see which one works best.
By that I mean - no cravings after the fact.

A little kitten in the flowers. Can't see her too well. Shy.

Back to basics - tweeking the learning curve

...a closer look at the yummy bakery bar...
6 g net carbs for the whole thing...

...cuz you know I'm gonna eat the whole thing...

MetRx Ready To Drink Protein Plus (2 G carbs)
The protein egg whites are used for cooking, too.
A little omelette with cheese, onions, tomatos.
Add sausage, peppers - a "western" omelette.
And Chipotle sauce. (Goes without saying?)

From Sugarless deLite... a local LoCarb bakery.
And sugar-free. Nicest guys in the world!

Water, coffee, Advil (Aye, aye, aye a headache, eh?)
Stopping the RedLine - too strong. (Think: bully!)


"art films" are always welcome here...


  1. So...how was the snack prepared? Steel cut oatmeal with the cheese and PB&J as a mix in?

  2. Kyle
    I mixed the "CC" with the "PB 'n J,"
    then rolled it in some raw steel-cut oats.
    It's a cold snack... sometimes I add a little
    sugar-free maple-flavoured syrup,
    or something like that. Not too shabby!

  3. Nice snack
    I see several kittens, but I think that's just my eyes playing tricks on me.

  4. Your bar looks good. Yesterday I discovered Clif bars, but they have gluten in them, so today I bought Lara bars. Tasty!

    Seriously, I have to start reading before I hit post comment. I keep finding typos and that drives me cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

  5. Oh my Anne...I hope you didn't think that pic I posted tonight is current. It is from the first time I lost a lot of weight. I put it up to remind myself of where I want to be. I edited my post...

  6. It's all good - as are you, Miss Kimberly!

  7. Awww...thanks Anne. You are great too!

  8. I think that's the thing that gets people all upset about low-carb. They don't read ON and get the whole picture. They think it's just a relentless diet of meat and fat. There are probably a million or two Atkins books out there that haven't even been read past the induction phase chapter.

    Bully for you for hanging up the RedLine. No one needs THAT kind of energy!

  9. glutton-free ...very good and beautiful pics xoxox

  10. where's the kitty?? i'm impatien to see her! :)

    yay.. i was worried about the red-line.. chemical crap hurting my Anne.

    love the snack idea.. looks so yummy!!

  11. Came over from Katie's blog. You are SO RIGHT about low carb. My former boss used to put himself on Atkins and endlessly eat pieces of meat and hunks of cheese. He and I were constantly arguing over whether or not he should have a green bean! Then we'd go out for lunch and he would say, "Oh, I think Atkins allows for 2 french fries" as he dipped into whatever was on my plate. Loved the man dearly but his eating was sooooo screwed up.

  12. The snack you show here is something I haven't seen before. Looks like it is tasty and easy. We make all our own snacks and don't buy things already made or processed.

  13. How could you not eat the whole bar?

    Learning to listen to our bodies and what works best is key. Salads are yummy. Tis the salad season.

  14. You are doing so awesome. It's not the easiest thing to go low carb- we have no idea how big of a hold they have on us until we try to quit. Day three of too many for me.

  15. Looks like a good day in food.

    I see the kitty!

  16. Bully for me indeed, Miss Karen! I'll take it!
    Classic case of "too much of a good thing" for me.

    And true, too, about the mis-conceptions of LoCarb.
    I've stated many times that I probably eat as many veggies
    as most of the bloggers out there. Just not the super-starchy ones!
    (Veggies - not bloggers!)

  17. Just watched the movie-- Very cute. I heard today that YouTube just celebrated it's 5th anniversary!!!! They grew up FAST!
    Thanks for sharing,


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