04 May 2010

take a bow

The Harbour is an eclectic collection of stores in Rockwall, Tx.
Located minutes from Downtown Dallas on beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard.

Fountains and scenic views abound.
Took a stroll around instead of eating lunch.
A cell-phone camera reflection shot!
This is just one of several - of me "posing.."
Little did I know, there were people inside, eating.
Fancy restaurant.
Almost got a round of applause!
Also, tried my first Bawls today.
Might be my last...I'm just saying....
If you mixed them, would you have "Monster Bawls?"
Might show up for that one!

Monster w/ protein x2
By the "whey," I use whey concentrate
And whey isolate mixed. Creatine.
Unsalted cashews.
Atkins bar (apple crisp flavour) yum yum
Salad w ham/cheese, 1,ooo island dressing.
Cottage cheese - advil today, coffee w/ cream
But no more missed beats (like yesterday!)

the Kinks
YouTube video
Just for fun....


  1. The sky was perfect - the temperature was mild.
    "Wish you were here" applies double
    when it's a perfect day like today!

  2. Ha, wish you were here....you made me laugh monster bawls...we don;t have things like that here. as for you getting aplause, you surely deserve it little miss thing. have a great day.

  3. hmmm ... Monster Bawls ... a fancy dance for scary guys? Scary guys crying? what? what? hehe

  4. Or perhaps the movie with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton?
    Monster's Ball - singular!

  5. You make it sound it is so easy driving around in Dallas. You do show some very lovely photos of the area. I've still never had an energy drink.

  6. No one can resist these "sweaty" Bawls...
    hehe - brilliant marketing, eh?

    I actually do work, as I drive around Dallas!
    I see alot of things and places that
    look like they want me to take their picture!

  7. I understand about things wanting you to take their picture.

    Lovely shots today.

  8. Sweaty balls, that's cute :)
    Love your pic's as always!!

  9. My cell phone and I thank you!
    I simply wish to share my little corner of the world
    with anyone who wants to join me here...
    ...if only for a pixel in time!

  10. A pixel in time...can I use that for a photo blog? I like it!

    I'm still chuckling about the reflection pic...

  11. I can't get over the difference in your pictures (side bar) you look 10 years younger now....good for you.
    We have different weather my friend, and trust me yours is so much nicer. The sky is so blue.
    Do you like where you are living now?
    ..........:-) Hugs

  12. I LOVE my life in Dallas Texas, USA!
    And thanks - this is the real me....
    I look younger, and happier, and healthier,
    because I have real and true love in my heart.
    That automatically makes the sky bluer!
    I drove around yesterday listening to
    Mr Blue Sky....enchanting simple things!

  13. The sky looks the most beautiful shade of blue. :o) Love the thought of you posing in front a window-mirror to take your own photo with no thought to the people starting out at you! ;o)

  14. Love the thought of you posing as diners are inside watching! Just too, too funny.

    A few years ago, at the College World Series, there was a marketing tent there distributing free bottles of Bawls. The trash can right next to the tent was overflowing with almost full bottles. Not very many people could finish it!! Our group only asked for 2 bottles, and we tossed them immediately.

  15. there is no prettier blue than a clear blue sky. Gorgeous! I can't believe your amazing photos are from a phone camera!!

    Anne, your joy is contagious. LOVE it!

  16. Bawls taste a lot like Zima to me. I haven't had Bawls in a while. gosh, so many double entendres, so little time.

    Love all of the beautiful pics. I haven't been to Dallas in a while. Are there any state parks around there?


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