23 May 2010

day 4 and counting

Someone said "Hey fat-ass!"
I, of course, turned around.
The guy said "Not you, dumb-ass!
You have No Assitol."

By that I guess he meant "hips."
Or waist to hip ratio, perhaps?

A thermogenic energy drink...it brings the sensation of heat...
Not a good choice given my present surroundings....
(Day 4 in the Shelter.) I keep mine in a glove...

The Protein drink came from 7-11...
The Debit Card reader went dark, and the clerk said
"The light is dead!"
And I thought, "By the powers, she is right! Or so it seems."

Someone brought 4 dozen Dunkin Donuts - it was a happy day!
But alas, the carb rush was probably not a good thing....
People were more hungry than before they had the donuts!
No donuts for me please!

Some on the newer Bariatric models have 6 wheels 

Thermogenic energy drink and protein shake (above)
Soulman's BBQ no sauce tonight once I got home.
Water water water (now that I have my own key)
It's like a spa there, only different!


  1. nope you would be the small assitol, much better than being the fat assitol or even the dumb assitole, this was a stupid assitole comment

  2. Good for you on resisting the donuts! Oh and having a perfectly nice ass :)

  3. Yep it's me and my Monster - just like before.
    One can a day will do ya!

  4. Oh, I LOVE doughnuts. But they don't love me. :o(

  5. If it wasn't for my fat ass, I have no assitol.

    Better to have one, or not, than to be one. Unless we're donkeys. Then that's cool. :)

  6. Awww, wasn't that a sweet comment? A little backhanded, but nice. :D

    Rock on! Keep your chin up at the shelter. Take strength of all that goodness you're doling out.

    Karma pays us back for our good deeds. When? I dunno. Maybe in a better life. I know my life is better. But it's not karma that did that. It was me. It's you. You give yourself a good life. :D

  7. Tough times for you Anne. Hang in there.


  8. That's it... I need some Monster!

  9. My ass seems to be growing!! well, sorta. I'm exercising my thighs upper body alot and my butt seems to be the one thing not shrinking!

    I would make a comment about needing to exercise my butt more... but i think it's obvious why I wont ;)


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