06 May 2010

teddy bears

Who is this Cash Mc Wha...?
The most amazing clouds were out today
Like being on the inside of a marble

I think you would have loved it if you were here
Oh, a wise guy!  Why, I oughtta....
A Teddy Bear Park

These statues are larger than life!
*insert cute-sy comment here!*
All kinds of Teddy Bears!

Monster w/protein
Atkins Bar, cashews,
Coffee w/hot choc and Redline,
Water, Egg White Protein Drink

Egg White protein came today 
from Egg Whites International
Made a protein shake with vanilla and almond extract,
Cinnamon, didn't need sweetener....made an egg nog!
Super Chicken, eh?


  1. Just getting home....
    Long day at the orifice, I'd say!

    Good night, everyone,
    Sweet Dreams!

  2. If you add nutmeg it's even egg-noggier.
    I love ELO's Laredo Tornado ... but I wouldn't want you out photographing the weather to go with it!

    Can you please eat more veggies tomorrow, anne h.? please?

  3. OMG look at those teddy bears! I want to go to there!

  4. You are sweet to notice, Miss K
    I haven't eaten anything but "car food" for 3 days
    I will probably cook something tomorrow...
    Or maybe a salad!
    I should have remembered about the nutmeg - thanks!

    We could all go to the Teddy Bear Park, and have a Teddy Bear Picnic!
    Bring your pic-a-nic basket -hey, hey, Boo-Boo!

  5. thanks to Miss K - I was thinking the same.. it's been a few days since I've seen anything green in your meals. Can you pack some raw veggies?

    Nothing better than a teddy bear hug.

    Someday I wanna hear what you do. I used to wear scrubs for one of previous careers.. I miss them, but not the job. You get to see beautiful sights all day, in scrubs. Seems almost dreamy to me.

  6. Yeah...I think some people don't quite consider their names when getting into some professions.

    College was a bit of haze for me, but in one trip to the ER, I was treated by a Dr. Cure. At least, I gotta feel better about that one.

  7. Since today is Nurse's Day
    I will tell you, Amy.
    I am a Nurse -- a Hospice Nurse!

  8. You can't expect anything other than a big "AWWWW HOW CUTE!" You and the teddies look so sweet.

    Those clouds make me think the angels were playing with Silly String today.

    You asked about the Beach. I have only been dipping my toe in. Most days this week I spent so far from the Beach that I thought I was in the desert.

    Have a great rest!

  9. Happy Nurse's Day. What a job. I can't imagine and I do imagine being a hospice nurse is even harder.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

    Boo to boiled, limp asparagus. Try it roasted and it will make your day.

  10. Thank you Miss Kimberley!
    I love Nursing, and I love my Hospice job....
    Think of it this way: I can help people when they need it the most!

    And Yay for asparagus!

  11. Happy Nurses Day Anne, I would have loved the clouds and the teddy Bear park, how cool is that. Yes more veggies...Take care and have a great weekend.

  12. I really do wish i was there today :) I have to agree that i worry when i don't see fruit or veggies!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  13. At first, I thought those teddies were little. Then there you are with them and I see how big they are! Cuties!

    Happy Nurse's Day! Only the best caregivers work in Hospice :)

    Night-night, Anne.

  14. I just was too tired to cook or eat anything....
    And busy! And preoccupied.

    This is actually the first day of Nurse's WEEK.
    "Real Nurse's Day" is 12 May -
    Florence Nightingale's Birthday!
    Which is also the day my own Mother died....on Mother's Day...
    And 11 May is my one year Blog-aversary!

  15. I knew you had a big heart, I just didn't know how big:o) Hospice Nurses are Very Special People.

    I love that Teddy Bear Park, teddies are one of my silly passions.

    Big Bear Hugs Special Lady xxx

  16. love the pictures today

    happy day # 1 of Nurse's week

  17. Anne, I'd loved to have had the weather here that you had today....oh well soon my friend, I know it will be here soon.

    I do volunteer work with patients living with chronic pain and terminal illness. We give classes for them and their families. It is rewarding work isn't it. I just know you are a wonderful nurse.

    Have a great day tomorrow.......:-) Hugs

  18. Dear Anne H,

    Thank you for all the kind and loving work you do for hospice patients and their families. It is a laudable calling and I am glad there are great people like you to help with the hour is dark.

    Teddy Bear Hugs,


  19. The Teddy Bear Park is different and welcoming, whether you like teddy bears or not. Nice pics of the park and the signs too. I especially like the used Harley sign, the name of the company is cool.

  20. Happy Nurses Week!! Having had the privilege of watching a hospice nurse take care of both my mother and father, I am in awe of the job you, and your compatriots do. It takes a very special person to do that work, and I admire those who chose to do it. Thank you ALL!!!

  21. Beautiful pictures! I love looking at clouds :)

  22. That is one big stone teddy bear.

    McWho ... LOL I'd have to change my name.

    Those are some picture perfect clouds. My head is stuck in edits ... edits ... edits ... gah!

  23. I wish we had a teddy bear park! Fun!

  24. I love teddy bears! I want to visit that park so bad. It looks so cute. I love the giant statues!


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