26 May 2010

holding some water?

Perhaps I AM holding a little water...

It always shows up on the scale....

I bought a Soda Stream (click the link!)
that carbonates water.
It uses an exchangeable CO2 cartridge.
You can also add flavourings!

Sugar-free or unsweetened (or with sugar.)

I also scored this fancy spatula.
I intend to use it the next time I get into a spat...

Look no further - your search for hope is over!

This is a drug and gun free junior high!

Safety cones with hats!
(I couldn't make this up if I wanted to!)

I had to circle back to get this one....

Lunch under a steam roller, baby!

Monster LoCarb Energy Drink w/protein
Water, coffee, Atkins bar,
Double meat hamburger w/bacon (sans-a-bun)
I need to pack a better lunch!

Was not hungry all day.
I ate "food" and that seemed to help with the cravings.
What a concept!
Drinking more water no doubt will help 
to be out in the heat, during these upcoming months....
I'm only glad I'm x pounds thinner!
(x = Fill in the blank!)
In other news...
I told you I was wrong, and I told you I was sorry.
And I've worked to correct my errors. (RedLine etc.)
I'm not over-reacting (ovary - acting?) to things like I did that week.
Again, I can't blame the caffeine entirely.
It merely amplified what was  already in my mind.
(Such as jealousy, rage, projection --all that yikkity yak!)


  1. Those clothes look huge! I'm so glad you ate some "food" and that you are drinking plenty of water! Have fun with your new soda machine - classy!

  2. Dude! Thanks for noticing!
    It is laundry day and I am indeed scraping the bottom of the barrel......
    I need all new clothes....I am down from a 44 to a 32.....
    These are XL....

    About the water....regular water makes me feel ill...
    So I go for days with just a half a glass....if that....
    I'm already up to 2 liters a day!
    And you can adjust the amount of carbonation you add...

    My Monster Drink is about a $5 a day habit....
    Tsk tsk, eh?

  3. Anne, I drink tons of water (3 - 5 gallon bottles every week) I don't like the flavored water just ice cold, keep it beside me at all times......great for us sweetie.
    I too notice your clothes getting bigger, shopping will be fun for you.
    Have a great day.......:-) hugs

  4. Soda stream, eh? I love me my flavored seltzer! I prefer to avoid fake sweetners if I can help it. do they sell CO2 cartriges?

  5. I have those same baggy clothes, when did you come to my house? I loved your pictures...so funny. Hurry on doing the laundry and so you can have some clothes that drowned you. Poor girl.smile.

  6. Holding some water cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. You look so cute holding the huge bottle of water. We have signs like the drug free/gun free sign here too. So sad that it even has to be mentioned, never had this problem when I was a kid. You can tell I am getting old because I frequently have the "when I was a kid" theme. Ha.

  7. Whenever I need a mid afternoon pick me up, I head to your blog :) Thanks again.

  8. Geez, safety cone condoms..what will they think of next? Holding some water, was hilarious. Just about a days worth, huh?

  9. I love the cones with hats. LOL How cute!

    Oooo! Your new toy looks fun. I got a new toy yesterday, too. :D A netbook. Which resulted in the stupidest conversation I ever had in my life. I blogged about it. LOL

  10. That soda stream looks pretty awesome. I love the safety cones with hats!

  11. I could not stop laughing at some of these pics. The one of you on the scale with the water is precious. The cones totally laid me out!

    I am completely shocked that food helped you overcome your feelings of hunger. ;-)

    Make your own carbonated beverages...now that is true magic.

    You really make me feel happy inside!

  12. It's about time there was a drug free and a gun free school...that stuff is expensive! Do I have to be a student to get either?

  13. No, and no student discount, either!


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