11 May 2010

oingo boingo

Another empty Carnival Ride Place....
Just sitting there - no one walking around, no one on the rides.
No one buying funnel cakes. No music, no nothing!
A perfect way to end the perfect day!

Redline w/egg white protein
Part of a Monster
Hamburger and salad
It was a double sized hamburger!
Atkins bar x2
Water, coffee.... sf Hansen's pomegranate soda.

Had a great day - so much happened wonderful today!
Thanks for reading, and commenting, and sharing!
Truly hope your week is going great!
This was a profound week for me - I feel a little belligerent..

I am receiving an error message...about commenting on anyone's post.
Several people have emailed me, stating they can't comment on mine. 
Maybe a zen koan type metaphor for my botched communication? 
If so, I am willing to fix it, starting  from my heart.  
I would like the "kinder and gentler" thing again. Please?

Anne H


  1. And thanks again, everyone for a wonderful year
    of blogging and weight loss!
    And visiting, meeting and chatting!
    Ain't Life Grand, as they say!
    Here's to continued good times for us all.

  2. I like walking around carnivals checking out all the rides I don't fit in :P Plus, when it mattered, cotton candy was only 3 pernts!

  3. You got some awesome pictures, I remember your post from last year....so where are the people,must be out clowning around. ba da bing. lol. glad you had such a great day. take care

  4. Oh Anne, I find this kind of sad, should be children laughing and eating junk food and everyone having fun on the rides.....where are all the people........:-) Hugs

  5. Here's to more great days! That's totally weird with no people around.

  6. Yeah - like a post with no comments.....
    only the sound of the wind whistling by....

  7. I'm not a crowds person so I might have been excited for the ghost carnival!

    I was looking for the Oingo Boingo reference...what did I miss? I've seen them in concert...Danny Elfman is a genius.

  8. Were you going for "dead man's party"? on your Oingo Boingo reference?

  9. Leave your body and soul at the door!
    It's like a ghost town or zombie roller-coaster ride.
    Notably absent!

  10. I am trying to be more concise, however,
    words sometimes elude me in the wee- wee hours of the night....
    (Oops - I said wee-wee!)

  11. Kinda sad. Looks like a nice old carnival. Reminds me a little of a State Fair, without the foods on a stick.

  12. I'm loving the carnival pics. I'm a sucker for things like that. I'd be in carnival bliss without the crowds.

    mmmmm funnel cakes. And the Tilt-A-Hurl. I'm pretty sure that's not its real name but that's the effect.

  13. Carnival lights at night are so beautiful! I wonder why no one was out walking around? My best friend while growing up was a Carnie. It was an interesting life for sure.

  14. For some reason I have never been comfortable at carnivals. I was able to take my kids to county fairs but mostly to see the blue ribbon winners in animals and food and floral arrangements. Not the rides and games.

  15. I'm with Kyle and Kelly - I kind of like the ghost like atmosphere. No crowds and lots of lights.

    And I wonder if blogger is getting too big for its britches.

  16. AHHHH My nightmare! That last picture is of the ride I broke my nose on!

  17. I am imagining a wonderful world of invisible people hanging out at the carnival.


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