17 June 2009

my brave face

The first pic is my when I drove to California for the infamous vacation that started it all.  Late 
March 09. (Stuck in the Grand Canyon - no electricity - just hard boiled eggs and beef jerky. 
 You know, THAT story!)

The second pic is me a few days ago.  We'll see in another 90 days!


  1. Not the best pic of me PER SE, but look at that neck! Gobble, gobble, anyone? hehe

  2. The change in your face is definitely apparent to my eye. I mean that in the best possible way! :-)

    The same can be said for my face (and neck). I'm back to having one chin! Whee hoo!

    How long's it been since you've been at a healthy/ideal weight? I think it's been more than a decade for me. It's a little surreal.

  3. you're shrinking anne! you're shrinking!

    you've got some major face chiselin' going on. keep up the great work. the heart, lungs, and all the other vital organs are breathing a big sigh of relief. good deal!

  4. Harry: My weight crept up on me - coke by coke - over the past 8 years or so. It always fluctuated, and I leaned toward the "chubby" side, but until this photo I was never close to the 200 mark. I can say that now without cringing, because I am not there anymore!

    Rachel: I also do facial exercises every day. And my vital organs ARE playing a new song! I was shy to put my pics up, but, hey...

  5. Way to go. Yep, those extra sodas will creep up on you....especially if they are accompanied by rum. :) You're lookin' good now, tho'.

  6. Well you just made me want to start doing facial exercises Anne. That is a big difference for such a short time period! It will be so fun to see the next pic in 90 days!!

  7. Definitely see a difference Anne!
    Way to go and thank the gods for snowstorms, I guess, eh??? Who knew? lol

  8. darn those cokes, you look great!


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