16 May 2010

a real drag

Singing Lady GaGa
Everyone wants a picture these days....
of a real live drag queen...
"Double fisted" SF Red Bull and size 32 jeans
down from 48 last year!
Half way through the evening, 
I realized this was not the way I had hoped it would be.
Someone said "Over here, beautiful!"
And was waving a dollar in the air.

And I knew in my heart I had been wrong.
Too much Red Bull - empty stomach - loud music.....
It was a moment of wondering how fast I could get out of that room!

I knew my bad*ass streak would come to an end, 
but I didn't know it would be tonight!
I was never a good bad*ass, anyways.

Advil, Red Bull, Red Line
Half a hamburger, no bun
Slice of humble pie
Back to some kind of quiet state of mind
And wishing everyone well...
...A return to basics -
and being more honest about what works 
for me, and what doesn't!


  1. I still might go for Girls Night Out...
    But as a treat, not a habit!
    Can't take the punishment!

  2. *Someone* said that to me back in June. I got hooked by that.

    enjoy your sunday.

  3. Congratulations on achieving your weight goal,beautiful...

  4. Hey Winnie -
    Aren't you supposed to be waving a dollar?

  5. Out celebrating? Well, if you were, you deserve it. Just don't give out too many dollars. They are too hard to earn.

  6. We all have a little inner badass just trying to get out!

  7. everyone needs a cut loose night........... I think I had one .... ah.... ah .... ah I think I am terminally married!!! **LOL**

  8. So it sure looks like you had a blast! And how exciting to be wearing a new size and people noticing. Can't wait to loose these last few pounds to get to goal. Slow and steady as the saying goes.

  9. Yes! "Slow and Steady."
    Truer words were never spoken!
    Truer words were never... blogged?

  10. That looks FUN!


  11. ~Anonymous~Angie~
    It was fun.
    Good, clean, lighthearted fun with "real-live" friends.
    It was easy, spontaneous - just a blast.
    Just like "having fun" is supposed to be, eh?
    A year ago I was too shy to even THINK about "girl's night out!"
    (And by shy, I mean fat.)

  12. Good for you Anne, so glad you had such a good time, love those unplanned times, they always are the best........:-) Hugs

  13. By the way, I'm anonymous Angie... and I think I have finally met my match with somebody who likes burgers just as much as I do!!

    Any way of eating where I can have a burger a day... suits me just fine. I never seem to get sick of them, either!!!


  14. YAY! So good to "meet" you!
    I have yet to get tired of them, either.
    That's why I sometimes post pictures of (silly) things
    on my blog. I eat the same thing every day.
    BTW, I love your blog!

  15. I know what you mean. I feel as if it takes a week to recover from going out nowadays.

    I like you last reflections...some good stuff there. Things that I forget too.

  16. You've come a long way baby! What a fun night out! Glad you enjoyed it.


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