22 May 2010

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking RedLine..."

Actual un-re-touched photo of me having a fit today.
Not a fit, per se ...
Just sometimes you can't believe your own ears....

Working again, back at the Homeless Shelter....
(I have a new calling in life, I think!)

Well, I asked for a key to go to the bathroom. (Staff)
The floor nurse pointed to the shower room (no lock) and said
"You go in there, baby, like every one else."
She was none-too-friendly, I might add.
Pointing. Brusque. Gum smacking. 
She even "you-peopled" me.

"Oh, no, really - I would prefer to use THIS one,"
I said, "because it locks."

By now she is serious.....
"OK - you got two options:
Go in there, or go on your body."

"Wha... Wh...What?" 

"You heard me - pee your pants!"

By now I realize she thinks I am a resident!
I'm not wearing scrubs!

Astronaut style? Depends!
Or just potty like a rock star.

So the super-hard week I'm having....
The heat - 87 F in the rooms...
The sights, and sounds....
Being hungry....I was really hungry....
RedLine "withdrawals"...

So my ego allowed this.
So I guess I'm getting better.
This is the new bathroom "key"
I didn't make it - it just materialized....
After that, I wore these around all day ...just kidding!
But I do think I need some clothes that fit....
That "bag of rags" look just doesn't cut it for me anymore...
I'm just sayin'....
Looks like someone is an organ donar...

3 Atkins protein shakes...
2 Atkins Bars...
Monster, water, water, water,
Bite of BBQ Beef at home. No sauce.

One of the guys tried to give me his lunch....
It was so sweet! I was taken aback.
I've been hungry on and off for a year...
I can't imagine being in a state of perpetual hunger...
Physical or otherwise....


  1. And no, I didn't take the poor, sweet guy's lunch!
    In case you had to ask....

  2. I did wonder :) I can't believe she told you to piss your pants!! What did she say when she figured out who you were????

  3. Yeah, really, SS!
    I think I pissed 'em anyways, right there on the spot.
    Later, the nurse was all smiles and jovial....
    I wanted to say something like
    "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"
    "And if I WERE a resident, then you could talk to me like that?"
    But the point is, she realized she was out of line,
    and fixed it. So we moved beyond it.
    Who doesn't need a little "time-out" session now and then?
    And a "reset" button !

  4. Anne, wow
    sucky week! Been thinkin of you, ((hugs))

  5. Does she know she better be nice to my Anne, sheesh. Oh and I would be cranky if it were 87, I might of had to give her the Canadian Heeeeeey Laaaaady! Hope your week gets better.

  6. I think every job has "that lady."

  7. Yeah, giving up Redline this week...not such a good idea. Although, maybe you avoided a real scuffle with that rude woman, heh. Hope she'll check her attitude more often.

    Hope you get some rest and feel refreshed and recharged.

  8. I can't believe the lady not letting you use the bathroom with the key. That would have made me so angry! But I have to admit, you had me laughing with this story. :)

  9. That upsets me, Who does she think she is??

    As if the residents didn't have it bad enough, then they have to put up with someone treating them like that............I don't like her. Grrrrrr.

  10. At least tell me that was her fork!

  11. That makes my heart hurt to hear that is how a resident would be treated. Did you know I was in a local homeless shelter in 2008 for 3 1/2 months? It was a very sad and depressing experience for several weeks and I did not respond well for awhile, hid out. As well as I could hide in a place full of women and children. The staff was awesome. Wonderful human beings. I so hope the staff where you are working are more respectful to the residents.

  12. Wow, I would have peed on HER!

    Mmm, atkins products are sweet yumminess. I try to avoid them as to avoid the delicious taste of sweet in general, but when I have a "need sugar freakout" I RUN to my nearest drugstore and get some :)

  13. Shame on that nasty nurse. I know everyone can have a bad day now and then but taking down to people like that-- especially when you are in a position of authority is just nasty.... even if she did make amends later. I hope she learns to bite her tongue in the future. (End of rant ;-)

    Hope your Sunday is going well Anne,

  14. i worked in a job once .. where i cried every day the first few weeks.. then it was a few times a week.. then once a week. eventually I got hardened.

    and one day I snapped at someone.. cause I was hardened (out of necessity???) and I was prejudging.. prejudiced out of my own history in this place.

    I'm glad she apologized..but I also understand (even though it isn't right or excusable) ..

    you both have a really tough job, in a tough environment.

    thank you for answering the call to a great need in our world today.


  15. That person should be fired immediately. Yes she may have made it up to you but she obviously talks to the residents like that consistently. The residents have enough problems without being mistreated. She is a case of abuse waiting to happen if it hasn't already.

  16. Unbelievably angry and sad about how a "nurse" can disrespect another human being in such a manner. But then I am still greatly saddened over the neglect that my dad experienced. *hugs to anne*

  17. I would have peed on the floor, but only if she had to clean it up. ;) Wow, I can't believe she was that rude.


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