07 May 2010

failure is never final

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bus

Roadside melons
Where the buns go

A duck walks into a bar and says "Got any grapes?"
A  broody day in North Texas
Giant roaches invade

Texas Longhorns
LoCarb Energy Drink
LoCarb chocolate -
Had never seen it before today!

Egg White protein w/ coffee
Egg white egg nog
Hamburger without the buns
Monster w/ protein
Water and coffee
8, 000 steps at work

Cleaning and getting organized
This weekend - it's a must


  1. Lord love a duck!

    i can't wait for our fruitstands to be open for summer.

    (tapping foot not quite impatiently...) Anne.. where's the fruits & veggies?

  2. I had lettuce on the hamburger - that counts, right?
    Salad is on the agenda

  3. Ha! Kyle's a melon man. I knew it!

    Is that a unicorn? or a unihorn?

    I think that watermelon is playing hide and go seek.

  4. Can you come and do my cleaning and organizing too?

  5. Kyle - Thanks! Nice buns, too, eh?

    Karen - Yes, the poor creature only has one horn.
    The other was.....what's the word...."gone?"

    Enz - But of course!
    Be right there....

  6. So what happens when the duck goes into the bar and asks for some grapes....you can not leave me hanging like that...or did I miss something again. have a great weekend...I am doing the same cleaning and organizing. Anne I am finally so on track you would hug me. thanks

  7. I can't get over those tomatoes and melons, everything is so green......not fair Anne.

    Do you like living in Texas, it does look very nice.....:-) Hugs

  8. Hey I want that chocolate bar! Where'd you get it?

    My family's business is Extermination. I remember as a kid when we'd pass a sign for a competitor, my sister would flip off the sign. So I flipped off your sign and giant roaches for old times' sake...hope that's cool.

  9. Thank you for the pic. tour de Texas.


  10. Molasses in the melons? I love molasses.

    I saw roaches that big in Jamaica. We rode them on the beach. It was great fun!

  11. I didn't know there were so many different brands of energy drinks out there. Amazing. I am interested in the Hershey bar. I like the sign. Failure for me is just a learning adjustment. Hope you have a great weekend. For me, I am not going to clean and work this weekend. Nope. Gonna read and exercise and sleep.

  12. I was attacked (well chased) by duck (or geese?) when I was little. My grandpa and I used to feed bread to the birds in the park.

    I love the fresh produce! Isn't spring/summer great?!


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