30 May 2010


It looks like bread, but it is brisket.
⚡which is a type of meat, like roast; but bbq'd⚡

Came from here

Which was next to this disturbingly named place

Not my flag but I'll wrap up in it none the less

Egg White Protein from Egg Whites International
With some eggnog -type spices...

Monster LoCarb Energy Drink w/protein
Carbonated water
This plate of brisket w/ sf bbq
Bite or two of Greek Yogurt w/ Advil
Coffee with cream
Hot tea with no cream, no sweetener
Egg White protein drink

When I get upset I don't binge -
When I get upset I don't eat at all.
So I suspect I'll be fine in that regard.
That was humour, by the way.

I don't abstain from food intentionally
It's more like "food insomnia...."
I can't eat, I can't sleep, so instead of fighting it
I have learned to sit quietly and let it pass.
... or not.... 


  1. I LOVE BBQ. I'm fairly new to your blog and noticed your pictures on the side- Well done! You are looking fabulous!!

  2. And i am the opposite. I eat and eat and eat :(
    Make sure you don't go too long without food!

  3. Hubby and I are ordering a large container of protein powder this weekend and will start making smoothies again. We used to make one meal day a smoothie. The barbecue place must be a busy little business; the brisket looks soooooo darn good. Hugs.

  4. Hey Anne: haven't been around for a while, just catching up. I'm glad you decided to keep blogging. I find your blog really unique.

    I can't believe nobody commented on the panties in your last post! LOL. I was taken aback by a couple of things: first, in Canada, I would pay $2.00 more per pkg of panties at Walmart. Second: why the F do the Size 6ers get 6 pairs of panties for $6 and the Size 11ers get 5 pairs of panites for $7.50. That is so wrong.

    (the things I think about sometimes.....)

    Glad you're still here Anne.

  5. Tamara - I know, right?
    I didn't want to mention it,
    but I went from a 12 to a 6 this year.
    5 was my Army size.
    And yeah, eh?
    You Canadians always have to pay way more for everything.
    That's why y'all make the "big bux!"
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I'm going through a mid-life crisis of sorts, I think.

  6. What the hell is brisket? I'm guessing it's a sort of meat thing? :-/

  7. Yeah...I've been upset enough to not eat instead of binge...my usual MO. I still eat emotionally, though.

    I've been going through a mid-life crisis since my mid twenties it seems...I think I've simply evaluated that "seeking answers" is what life is about, not actually finding the answers.

  8. I eat when I'm upset. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm stressed. The only time I don't eat or want to eat is when I'm sick and I'm not sick very often ;)

  9. I just noticed your new header! It looks great!

  10. Mmm...brisket...

  11. I eat when I am, happy, sad, mad, glad... any excuse to pig out.... but I have been doing good ... althought I am finding the last few mornings the treadmil felt like a chore... I will work though it

  12. Mmm brisket ... (Homer Simpson noise) ... that meat looks GOOD! Food insomnia? I have food amnesia. :)

  13. I never ate with my 1st "mid-life crisis" at age 30....my divorce. Now I seem to be "pigging out" with my 2nd "mid-life crisis"...turning 62 and having uncontrolled T2 diabetes!! Dang... aren't these supposed to be my golden years?
    Thanks, Anne, for a wonderful blog. Some days, it is the only thing that keeps me going. Hang in there!!


  14. Why you upset, friend??

    It's cool, when I'm upset, I eat enough for the two of us. Or four of us. Or whoever's around...


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