09 May 2010

mother's day

My Mother died (suddenly) on Mother's Day 8 years ago.
♡ She would have been 90. ♡
I really miss my mother - now, more than ever - for some reason!

I used to call her every day, and read to her from A Course In Miracles.  
I became a Nurse so I could better care for her. We were like, best friends.
She loved this song, and wanted it played at her "memorial" service.
Which was never done, until now. "Where've You Been?" by Kathy Mattea.
"I've looked for you forever and a day!"
I now drink RedLine Energy Drinks with Egg White protein.
It turns into rocket fuel in my brain.

Downloaded a lot of Army running cadences. They are the perfect running pace for me!
Plus, the singing helps with breathing. Did you know you can make a playlist on YouTube?  
I am putting one together for walking, then (slow) running.  The Army pace is slower than you might imagine. 
We ran 2 miles a day and road-marched a million more.

And I'm steadily getting things done around here.
Those missed beats from last week -
Just blogged my heart out, is all. My broken heart.
Glad it's finally resolved....close enough, for jazz...as they say!

Hope your Mother's Day is great!


  1. Marge looks like she was a blast. That song always makes me cry, especially when I sing it, I couldn't listen to it tonight. Thanks for the memories <3

  2. Thanks for being part of these "present memories!"

    They also called her "Skinny Grandma" cuz the other one wasn't!
    She went by "Marjorie," but I called her "Dear Sweet Kind."
    Funny how those names stick!

  3. What a sweet memorial to your mom. My biggest wish for my children is that they grow into adulthood knowing I love them with all my heart. It sounds like your mom succeeded. Hugs.

  4. Love the pictures. Sending you a big hug. Your mom must have been a sweetheart. It's wonderful that you were so close.

    That song made me cry. I love the song, but it makes me sad. I hope you have a happier week coming up.

  5. Indeed. To the love AND the song.
    Despite the violent turbulence of my youth, my Mother and I were close. Or maybe because of it....

    That lovely song makes me cry, too. Happy, and sad.
    It's interesting, but when you listen to the very last chord -
    It never resolves....you keep expecting it to, but it just stops there.
    Adds to the mournful quality!

    I have a good feeling that this week will be a good one.
    I never, ever get that feeling.
    Till right now. Hope your week is great, as well!

  6. Anne your Mom sounds wonderful and you had such a wonderful relationship. I will listen to the song in the am, I don't want to wake up hubby....Sorry that you are missing her so much, that is how I feel about my Dad. The skinny Grandma because the other one wasn't, that is priceless. hugs to you Anne. be well.

  7. she passed ON Mother's day?? oh man.. that sucks, bigtime.

    What a wonderful tribute to your mom, LOVE the pics. I see where you get your amazing sense of humour from. :)

    May you be blessed today by all the warm memories of a wonderful mom.

    xoxoxo love to you today, Anne.

  8. Yep - first thing in the morning.
    Worse- I was at work. Her number came up on caller ID, and it was the Medical Examiner.....telling me how they found her etc....
    And worse yet - I had to stay at work because the agency I was with at the time, never tried to find a replacement.
    Read as: "Update your resume!"

    x's and o's welcome here all day!

  9. No mater how long they are gone we will always miss them!! Your mom sounds like she was a real character......so full of fun!!

  10. The photos show someone who really laughed and enjoyed life. You lucked out having a mom like that. I know you miss seeing her. Thanks for sharing the pics of you and her.

  11. Great pics and beautiful song. My fave pic is with your mom and the mannequin. A sense of humour will take you far.

    Very touching Anne. Sending you a great big squishy hug today.

  12. Today makes me think of my Mom also, miss her...

    Your Mom looked to be full of life, I am sure this is where your spunk comes from!!

  13. Your mom looks like she had a great sense of humour! She would have been a fun person to meet. Cherish the memories and have an awesome week!!

  14. Awww, Anne. Your mom sounds wonderful. I love that you and her were best friends. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  15. I love the photo of your mom and the mannequin! She looks like she was an absolute hoot to be around. I'm sorry that she is gone now, but what wonderful times you must have had with her! Nice memories.

  16. We now know where you got your sense of humor. What a lovely tribute, Anne. You make her proud, I just know it.

    Thank you for sharing a bit about her and a bit about you.

    Also, thank you for your insightful comments this morning. Spot on what I needed to hear.

  17. Oh my god...I'm crying and crying.

    What a fun and beautiful lady your mom was! I can tell from her pictures. What a BLESSING you BOTH had in each other! Oh gosh. *tears falling*

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life.

  18. Anne, I talked with my mom every day of my life as she called me first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, after my husband died she became my best friend, we went everywhere together. I so miss her but Anne we we both so blessed to have had such wonderful mothers and our relationships with them were truly a blessing, luv ya.....:-)Hugs

  19. She looks like probably the funnest person ever.


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